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Artist: Bongos, Bass & Bob

Album: Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here's Bongos, Bass & Bob

Appears On (Mixes): As Promised, The Future!

Song Notes: ( which leads me into this track. Bongos, Bass & Bob were basically comprised of the above two comedian-musicians, with the addition of Penn Jillette on bass and vocals. It was a much better combination than Penn’s other musical group, Captain Howdy. Unfortunately, the CD is almost impossible to get at this point, so all I have is a so-so dub of my vinyl copy for now. They have been known to make the occasional live appearance, and have a track on the Rutles tribute CD as well, but for the most part they were a one-shot deal. It’s a real shame, because there was a lot of good stuff on this release. - RobotMonster


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