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Creator of the Mix: DarKrow

Initial Notes About The Mix: This mix was made in advance of Round 3 of the Mix CD exchange on Brunchma. The only theme is that all the tracks are track one from their respective albums. The title comes from a spoken bit in the song Stereo. I'm not a Rush fan by any stretch, but it just seemed very titular (hur hur... titular).


  1. King Missile - (Introduction)
  2. Gary Numan - Airplane
  3. David Byrne - Glass, Concrete, and Stone
  4. XTC - Respectable Street
  5. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Opera Star
  6. The Flaming Lips - Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  7. Brian Eno - Sky Saw
  8. David Bowie - Five Years
  9. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Enola Gay
  10. KAYO - 三つ編みヒロイン (Mitsuami Heroine)
  11. Pavement - Stereo
  12. The Who - Run Run Run
  13. Dogbowl - You Hit Me Over My Head
  14. The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together
  15. Air - Venus
  16. The Epoxies - Need More Time
  17. Snakefinger - Golden Goat
  18. Thomas Dolby - The Key To Her Ferrari
  19. Freezepop - Stakeout
  20. Talking Heads - And She Was
  21. Frank Zappa - Re-gyptian Strut

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