Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?
Studio album by Local H
Released April 6, 2004
Recorded Febuaray - November 2003
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 59:53
Label Studio E
Producer Andy Gerber, Local H
Local H Studio album chronology
Here Comes The Zoo
What Ever Happened To P.J. Soles?
Twelve Angry Months
Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles? is the fifth album by Rock duo Local H. It was released on indiependent label Studio E Records on April 6, 2004. The album only had one single, "California Songs". Much like The bands previous efforts, the album has a theme of bitterness. The album was released as a box set with Alive '05 in australia.

Album Title and ArtworkEdit

The albums title is a reference to American actress P.J. Soles who stared in films such as Halloween and The Ramones musical comedy film Rock 'n' Roll High School. In an interview with Jim Dero, Scott mentioned that the real P.J. Soles is actually on the artwork and did a photoshoot for the album.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Where Are They Now?
  2. Everyone Alive
  3. California Songs
  4. Dick Jones
  5. Money On The Dresser
  6. P.J. Soles
  7. How's The Weather Down There?
  8. Buffalo Trace
  9. Heaven On The Way Down
  10. Hey, Rita
  11. Heavey Metal Bakesale
  12. Mellowed
  13. That's What They All Say
  14. Halcon Days (Where Were They Then?)


  • Track 14 was origonally going to be put on Here Comes The Zoo.
  • "Hey, Rita" and "Everyone Alive" both became staples for Local H concerts.
  • In Australia, the album was released by Only Music.


Local H

  • Scott Lucas - Guitar, Vocals
  • Brain St. Clair - Drums

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