Artist: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Album: Modern Lovers 88

Appears On (Mixes): Happy Birthday Dad, Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: Revme.Vox.Com I was first turned on to this song when Stephen Notley posted an mp3 of it to go along with this strip, and my GOD it's just a gorgeous song. It really truly is. It's also incredibly catchy, but, well that doesn't even half mention the utter beauty and sweetness to the song. This is one of those songs that, I don't know, I'm thinking it's kinda in the Miyazaki file of "If you don't like this, you are worse than Hitler". Perhaps not quite as strong as not liking, say, Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service or My Neighbor Totoro, but man, if you don't like this song, you'd best check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. For reals. Oh my god. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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