"When He's Gone" is the first and only American single from the 1991 Bee Gees album High Civilization. Warner Bros. did nothing to promote the album or the single and neither charted in America, the first and only time a Bee Gees album failed to chart in America. The Bee Gees made two TV appearances in May, 1991 to promote the single. They appeared on Rick Dees' show Into the Night where they sang "When He's Gone" and "One" and on The Arsenio Hall Show they sang "When He's Gone" and "To Love Somebody".

Two different B-sides were issued. In the United States, the song "True Confessions" was used, which was a song that was not included on the cassette versions of High Civilization. The B-side in the UK was live performance of "Massachusetts" done in Melbourne, Australia from their 1989 One For All Tour.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Germany CD

  1. "When He's Gone" (Single edit) - 4:06
  2. "Massachusetts" - 3:16

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