Where Angels and Eagles Soar
by Joseph VanBuren
Released March 8, 2011
Genre ambient, new age, chill out, trip hop
Label Sykophunk Productions

Where Angels and Eagles Soar is an album by electronic composer Joseph VanBuren. Dedicated to JVB’s stepfather, who recently left this earth, Where Angels and Eagles Soar contains 12 tracks of soothing sounds that pull the strings of the heart and push the limits of the soul. New age, ambient, chill out/trip hop music that is often mysterious and solemn but ultimately thought-provoking and spiritualy uplifting. JVB will be putting all proceeds from album sales and licensing deals into the Firefly Cottage Fund, to help his mother start her own business and stay on her feet in these challenging times.

Track listingEdit

  1. In Loving Memory
  2. Astral Projection
  3. Burning Revelations
  4. Surrealism (first JVB remix)
  5. Melancholy of the Mystics
  6. Mental Space
  7. Mysterious Mindstate
  8. Nowhere in Particular
  9. Resurfaced Dreams
  10. Reflections
  11. Surrealism (second JVB remix)
  12. Burning Revelations part two

Production NotesEdit

All music written, performed and produced by Joseph VanBuren, except tracks 4 and 11 by Joseph VanBuren and 4one (remixed with permission).

Further ReadingEdit

Official blog entry

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