"Where Is My Mind?" is a song by the American alternative rock band Pixies. It is the seventh track on their 1988 debut album Surfer Rosa. The song was written by frontman Black Franciswhile he attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, inspired by his experiences while scuba diving in the Caribbean. He later said he had "this very small fish trying to chase me. I don't know why — I don't know too much about fish behavior."[1] This song was the band's most popular and most successful single making this song their signature track. The song was released for free through BitTorrent.

Use in visual media[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Use in films[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Use in TV series[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Use in commercials[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • In 2005, the song was used in some commercials for The Weather Man.
  • In 2009, it was featured in an HBO commercial for The Dark Knight.
  • In 2011, an instrumental cover was used in the Microsoft advertisement "The Kinect Effect", while a version by Sunday Girl was used by Thomson Holidays for a TV advertisement as part of their "Time for a Holiday?" campaign. In the same year, the original version of the song was featured in a commercial for milk.
  • In 2013, the version by Sunday Girl (see above) was also used in a trailer for the ITV series Vera.[15]

Use in video games[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • In 2011, it was featured in the video game Rocksmith.

Legacy[edit source | editbeta]Edit

"Where is My Mind?" was voted number 29 in the "Hottest 100 of All Time" music poll conducted by Australian radio station Triple J.[16] Over half a million votes were cast in the poll.

On Tuesday, April 13, 2004, NASA used "Where is My Mind?" to wake up the team working on the Mars rover Spirit in honor of its software transplant.[17]

Cover versions[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Covers in different languages[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Locas Electronicas, a project of Locas in Love[19] and Wolke[20] covered the song with German lyrics. The songs of both Locas Electronicas and Wolke are called "Wo ist mein Kopf" ("Where is my head"), although the translation of the songtext slightly differs.
  • Spanish version by Azucarillo Kings of 1998 uses mostly Spanish lyrics (¿Me Lo Dices O Me Lo Cuentas?) and transforms the song to Flamenco-style.
  • Dutch version titled "Waar Is Mijn Hoofd" ("Where is my head") by Koos Kreuk was released on the Pixies tribute album Death to the Pixies—We're Better! in 1998.

Uncredited cover versions[edit source | editbeta]Edit

End of Fashion have been criticised for their uncredited copying of the guitar riff from the "Where Is My Mind?", for their song "O Yeah". For example, Rockus Online Magazine reviewer Jonathon Miller called the song "disturbingly Pixies-ish" and went on to write:

"End of Fashion are having no problem appealing to the 95% of people that haven't heard (and still remember) the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" and have never experienced a truly exciting live show, and if that's what the band is aiming for, then they are a complete success."[

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