Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

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In the mid-90s, a young Detroit lad named John Gillis, met a young Detroit lass by the name of Meg White. They ended up getting married but he took her last name and became John "Jack" White. After their divorce, they decided not to stick with the old-fashioned method of not wanting to see each other's face again, and decided to form a garage rock duo. Young Mr. Gillis, who had now taken his former wife's name, soon became a hero in the young and rambunctious "New Detroit" scene. The band then released a slew of albums over the course of the next 5 years, each being released to greater and greater acclaim. By the time Elephant was released in 2003, they had gained a firm foothold as the greatest new American band, with Elephant hitting the #1 spot on almost every critic's list from Rolling Stone to Blender to Spin. They had finally made it. In mid-2005, they released their latest album, Get Behind Me Satan, although it didn't rack up quite the same acclaim as their previous record, this is not to say that it wasn't just as exciting and entertaining. The next year, Jack married his newfound sweetheart Karen Elson somewhere in the Amazon. It's nice to know that he's moved on, innit? With these achievements under their belts, who knows what they may be capable of in the next decade or so?

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