Why Does The Sun Shine
by They Might Be Giants
Released 1993
Label Elektra
Producer They Might Be Giants


  1. Why Does The Sun Shine?
  2. Jessica
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Spy (Original Version)


Aside from the last track, this is They Might Be Giants' covers EP. The title track is from a 1950s educational release by Tom Glazer. "Jessica" is by The Allman Brothers, and "Whirlpool" is by the Meat Puppets. They Might Be Giants' version of "Jessica" is an excellent horn-based arrangement—the only problem is that it's only about 2 and a half minutes while the original is much, much longer. This version is superior to the original, and one only wishes it went on as long. Their cover of "Whirlpool" is more-or-less straightforward. The only original song, "Spy" would later show up on John Henry in an improved arrangement. The only thing this version has on the later one is that the "SPY" chant at the end on the EP is panned back and forth between speakers, where on the album it's in the center channel. Minor nit, though. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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