Founded: 1945

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Larry "Wild Man" Fischer was discovered by Frank Zappa, who saw him on the street singing songs to passersby for a dime; he signed him to his new Bizarre label, although the two had a falling out (due, at least in part, to Larry's paranoid-schizophrenia). For many years, he was unable to record, but he came into the store for Rhino Records and made up a song about the store -- they recorded it as a single, and that was the first release by Rhino the label. The first LP by Rhino was Wildmania, and the label released two more albums, these two produced by friends and fans, Barnes & Barnes. The sessions were difficult, however, and Larry's paranoia was acting up again. Art Barnes is his best friend, and he used to call him every day, although Larry started calling in the middle of the night, and Art Barnes had to change his phone number, sadly, and hasn't spoken to him in a while. Wild Man Fischer fans often wonder about the exploitative nature of his records -- the common reaction is that Frank Zappa's interest was of the "lookit the freak" exploitative nature -- though, on the other hand, he did give Larry a full double LP to do what he wished, along with a full backing band, while Barnes & Barnes' involvement was not, as they were friends of his and genuinely liked him and his music. In 2005, a documentary called Derailroaded was made about Larry.





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