Wilbur Schwichtenberg, better known by his stage name Will Bradley, (Newton1912 - July 12, Flemington15 July 1989) was an American trombonist and jazzbig bandleader from the swingera. In addition to swing, he played Boogie Woogie-sweet dance music andsongs.

Will Bradley grew up in Washington. In New York , he played at the dance orchestras of Spleen ShawRed Nichols and (around 1935) Ray Noble and then worked as a studio musician. In 1939 he formed withdrummer and vocalist Ray McKinley, submitted by the Jimmy DorseyOrchestra, a big band of sixteen man on. the Orchestra, that would operate under the name of Bradley, was soon successful, partly because of boogie woogie-numbers. Already in 1940 the company scored several hits, such as "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" (with Freddie Slack on piano) and "Scrub Me Mamma With a Boogie Beat". "Down the Road a Piece" was a hit for the smaller Will Bradley trio, with Doc Goldberg and Freddie Slack. This song was sung by Don Raye, that Bradley was responsible for many hits. It was a much- covered rock and rollstandard.

In the orchestra played beside Arthur Rollini, Slack, among others, John Van EpsPeanuts Hucko and Pete Candoli. Vocalists were Carlotta DalePhyllis MylesTerry Allen and Steve Jordan. Packages came fromLeonard Whitney.

The band was popular and played in ballrooms from well known hotels in New York and Chicago. Nevertheless, Bradley and fellow band leader McKinley scratch agreed on the course to steer and in 1942 McKinley left the Orchestra to later play at the famous AirforceGlenn Miller's band. Bradley took out the broom by the band and took new players, including Shelly Manneand Shorty Rogers . Then different band members in doekte he had to service the Orchestra on. He was a studio musician and accompanied inter alia, Anita O'DayElla Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. He played many years in the Tonight Show from Johnny Carsonand was leader of a Glenn Miller band. In addition he composed symphonies and Chamber work.

A son of Bradley, Bill Bradley Jr., was a jazz drummer who, among other things, with Tony Scott and Kai Winding would work.

Discography (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Big band BoogieRCA, 1960
  • HallelujahHep Records
  • It's Square But It Rocks, Hep Records, 2001
  • Five-O-Clock Whistle: 1939-1941, Aero Space, 1995
  • Live in 1940-1941, Jazz Band, 2002
  • Swingin' Down the Lane (compilation, recordings 1941 and 1942), Hep Records
  • Ridin' a Riff (Will Bradley and His Jazz Octet), Sounds of Yester Year, 2010

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