Willy Walden, pseudonym of Herman Jan Jacob (Julie) K (Amsterdam30 March 1905 – Bennekom14 March 2003) was a Dutch artist revue. His brother Gerard Walden was also artist.

Walden was born in the Pijp. At an early age he came to the scene. Johan Buziau and Louis Davids were his great examples and teachers. His best-known hit is If the lights burn once again go on the Leidseplein (1943), written by Jacques van Tol.


[hide]*1 Snip and Snap

Snip and Snap[Edit]Edit

Walden had for years worked in various revues when he and Piet Mahadik were asked to act in The Baker dinsdagavondtrein because an act by illness was fallen by the wayside. That night was the duo Snip and Snap is born. Walden was Snip, Mahato was Snap. The duo was so successful that many other performances followed.Producer René Schleswig eventually built a revue around the two. For years pulled this revue along the Dutch theatres. From 1961 the Snip and Snap-revues were also shown on television. Walden was after a previous marriage now married with the Danish Aase Rasmussen (1921-2012), whom he had met at the revue.


In november 1977 the duo stopped with the revues. Not long after deceased both Piet Mahadik as producer Schleswig relatively unexpected. Walden has never put a foot in the theatre. Together with his wife he retired in Wolfheze, where the couple inhabited a room at the Hotel De Buunderkamp. For many years the TROS they presented the game Council a song (or not). The 500th broadcast in 1987 was also the last.Walden and Rasmussen to a service flat left Wolfheze in Bennekom involve, where Walden in March 2003, just two weeks before his 98th birthday, died. He was cremated in Ede in silence.


On 28 september 2012 was in Theater Carré Oeuvre 4-dvd Box 75 years Snip and Snap presented. At the presentation was the son of Willy Walden, Paul K, present. He revealed an image of Willy Walden and Piet Mahendru as Miss Snip and Miss Snap.

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