Winning Days
Studio album by The Vines
Released March 23, 2004
Recorded Summer of 2003
Genre Alternative Rock, Neo-Psychidelica
Length 41:06 (Explicted Version)
38:28 (Clean Version)
Language English
Label Capitol
Producer Rob Shnapf
The Vines chronology
Highly Evolved
Winning Days
Vision Valley
Winning Days is the 2004 album by rock band The Vines. It had mixed reviews upon release. This is the last album to feature Patrick Matthews on bass before he left during the Winning Days tour. This is the first album by them to include an explicted lyrics sticker.


Three singles were released to promote the album. The first being "Fuck The World", or known on the album as "F.T.W", it was released on vinyl and featured the same song for both the A and B side. Although its the first to be released, the band dose not consider it as the lead single, rather than a teaser for the album. On clean versions of the album, "F.T.W" was left out completely. The next single was "Ride", it was used in many commercials, including a iPod commercail, thus being one of The Vines more popular songs. The third and final was "Winning Days", being rarely played on charts due to the fact that The Vines were banned from some radio stations due to an incident that happened the same week as the single's release.

Track listingEdit

  1. Ride
  2. Animal Machine
  3. TV Pro
  4. Autumn Shade II
  5. Evil Town
  6. Winning Days
  7. Shes Got Something To Say To Me
  8. Rainfall
  9. Amnesia
  10. Sun Child
  11. F.T.W

Enhanced CD Bonus TrackEdit

12. Ride (Music Video)


The Vines are:

  • Craig Niccoals - Vocals and Guitar
  • Patrick Matthews - Bass
  • Ryan Griffiths - Rythme Guitar
  • Hammish Rosser - Drums

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