Winterreise (Winter journey) is a cycle of 24 songs by Franz Schubert (op. 89, d. 911). The first "Abtheilung" of twelve songs was completed in February 1827, the second with the other twelve in October of that year.

The undertones, poems of Wilhelm Müller are 24 for pianoand singing voice . The story seems relatively easy. A young man is rejected and is thereupon on trip. In the 24th song he meets the Leiermann, the musician with the hurdy-gurdy, a personification of death. In his book Willst zu meinen Liedern deine drehn Leier? makes the German composer Wolfgang Handsome an extensive musical-semantic analysis.According to him is the Winterreise in fact full of political-social criticism. In fact symbolizes the winter journey the quest of man to himself.


[hide]*1 the songs

The songs[Edit]Edit

[1]Beginning of the first song, Gute Night

1. Gute Night (good night)
2. That Wetterfahne (the wind vane)
3. Gefrorene Tränen (frozen tears)
4. Erstarrung (rigidity)
5. Der Lindenbaum (the Linden)
6. Wasserflut (the flood)
7. Auf dem Flusse (on the river)
8. Rückblick (flashback)
9. Irrlicht (will-o'-the-WISP)
10. Rast (rest stop)
11. Frühlingstraum (spring dream)
12. Einsamkeit (loneliness)
13. That Post (the post)
14. Der greise Kopf (the grey head)
15. That Kalayci (the Crow)
16. Letzte Hoffnung (last hope)
17. Im Dorfe (in the village)
18. Der stürmische Morgen (the stormy morning)
19. Täuschung (illusion)
20. Der Wegweiser (the hand pointer)
21. Das Wirtshaus (the Inn)
22. Mut (courage)
23. That Nebensonnen (the bijzonnen)
24. Der Leiermann (the musician)


In 1993, an edit of this cycle created by Hans Zender for tenor and small Orchestra: Winterreise, eine komponierte Interpretation. The deaf actor Horst Dittrich translated the text of the song cycle in 2007 in the Austrian sign language and took it in the years 2008 and 2009, in Vienna, Salzburg and Villach in a production by ARBOS-Association for music and theatre with pianist Gert Hecher and baritone Rupert Bergmann, filmed by Olgierd Koczorowski (PZG Szczecin, 2009). Jan Rot made a so-called in the Dutch translation of the songs under the title Winter journey, recorded in 2001 by Maarten koningsberger baritone and pianistRoger Braun.

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