Artist: Ladytron

Date Released: 2005

Label: Rykodisc

Produced By: Ladytron & Jim Abiss


  1. High Rise
  2. Destroy Everything You Touch
  3. International Dateline
  4. Soft Power
  5. CMYK
  6. AMTV
  7. Sugar
  8. Fighting In Built Up Areas
  9. The Last One Standing
  10. Weekend
  11. Beauty*2
  12. White Light Generator
  13. All The Way...


This is Ladytron's debut record for Rykodisc, and apparently it was held up for 3 years due to all sorts of rights issues. It's also the strongest record of their career, and the one that's FINALLY getting them some critical respect. I loved their first two records, 604 and Light & Magic, but this one is much superior. Like they always do, they've changed their style a bit again (604 was a bit more Electropop, with much more of a Kraftwerk obsession, while Light & Magic was a little bit darker and dancier with a bit more emphasis on repetition); Witching Hour is much darker and a little bit closer to rock (but just slightly). If Light & Magic is the kind of metaphorical darkness which appears when everything is lit brightly with a pristine, sterile white surface, daring you to find what's wrong with something that's too eerily perfect, Witching Hour is what happens when the power grid in that world blows out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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