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Early History

With a Voice is the product of Maurer, Gilbert, Taves, and Raftevold. In the rising of a noteworthy hardcore scene in Minnesota, the four original members decided to start writing and create a new musical project named Lexington. The first known songs known to be written by the band were Consider This a Blessing, Hiding From Your Hands, and Joshua. Eventually, they hired their first bassist, Chris Compeau. Compeau eventually left to join Bemidji deathcore band A Day of Plague. Compeau was replaced by Youssef Chamma until his made his return a few months later. After recording the Our Escape demo, Compeau left after the first show under the name With a Voice. Chamma returned briefly for one show before being replaced by Paul Olson.


  • Dylan Raftevold - Screams
  • Josiah Taves - Lead Guitar
  • Michael Gilbert - Rhythm Guitar, Singing
  • Paul Olson - Bass Guitar
  • Kord Maurer - Drums



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