Wizzard was a British band formed by Roy Wood, former member of The Move, and co-founder of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).


Shortly after the first album by ELO ran the differences with co-founder Jeff Lynne settled high on can go away To his own musical., Roy Wood left ELO, and Bill Hunt with him (keyboards and Horn), Hugh McDowell (cello) and Trevor Smith (sound technician). Were Rick Price (bass), Charlie Grima (drums) and Keith Smart (drums), Mike Burney (sax) and Nick Pentelow (sax).

They made their debut at a festival in Wembley on August 5, 1972. By the striking makeup of Wood and the tv appearances in which bizarre costumes and eccentric behavior were the rule, they are one of the most picturesque groups from the glam rockperiod.

Their first single, "Ball Park incident", was immediately successful, but their second single, "See My Baby Jive", was their biggest hit. With the intended use of Phil Spector as a tribute Wall of Sound they achieved four weeks the top of the British charts. Also the successor "Angel Eyes" was a UK number 1. Their first album, Wizzard Brew, contained no singles and was previously jazz oriented. The successor Introducing Eddy and the Falcons is more commercially. Their Christmas single in 1973, "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday", is often rotated annually on UK radio stations. By the health problems of an overworked Wood served a lot of gigs cancelled in 1974. The American tour from late 1974 was not a success. In the fall of 1975 the group apart. One of the reasons for this were the high costs, which could not be made up for by sufficient commercial success. These costs were partly the large number of group members, the ever-changing attributes, the habit of destroying pianos in all its activities and the very long time recording sessions. Their third and final album, Main Street, recorded in 1975, was finally published in 2000.

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