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Wonderful is an album by the British ska band Madness. It was released in 1999. It's the first studio album since 1984's Keep Moving to feature the original line-up.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Lovestruck" (Thompson / Barson)
  2. "Johnny the Horse" (Smyth)
  3. "The Communicator" (McPherson / Smyth)
  4. "4 am" (McPherson / Barson)
  5. "The Wizard" (Smyth)
  6. "Drip Fed Fred" (Thompson / Barson)
  7. "Going to the Top" (Barson)
  8. "Elysium" (Thompson / D Woodgate)
  9. "Saturday Night Sunday Morning" (McPherson)
  10. "If I Didn't Care" (Jack Lawrence)
  11. "No Money" (Thompson / D Woodgate / N Woodgate)

2010 reissue[edit]Edit

Disc 1 contains the full album plus three "promo" videos:

  1. "Lovestruck" [promo video]
  2. "Johnny the Horse" [promo video]
  3. "Drip Fed Fred" [promo video]

Disc 2 contains the "bonus tracks":

  1. "You're Wonderful" [remix][bonus track]
  2. "Round and Round" [b-side "Lovestruck"]
  3. "We Are Love" [b-side "Lovestruck"]
  4. "Johnny the Horse" [radio edit]
  5. "I Was the One" [b-side "Johnny the Horse"]
  6. "Dreaming Man" [b-side "Johnny the Horse"]
  7. "Light of the Way" [b-side "Drip Fed Fred"]
  8. "We Want Freddie" [b-side "Drip Fed Fred"]
  9. "Maddley" [b-side "Lovestruck" album sampler]
  10. "Simple Equation" ["Our House" musical]
  11. "Sarah's Song" ["Our House" musical]
  12. "It Must Be Love" [2002 mix]["Our House" musical]
  13. "My Old Man" ["Brand New Boots and Panties" Ian Dury tribute album]


The BBC's Chris Charles' review was very favourable. He said "... Wonderful finds the boys in their best form since 1981's Madness 7."[2]

Allmusic's Evan Cater gave the album 4 out of 5 stars and said "On the whole, it's a pretty successful return."[1]

Chart performance[edit]Edit

Chart (1999) Peak




UK Albums Chart[3] 17 1


Additional personnel
  • Ian Dury – Guest Vocals on track 6
  • Michael Kearsey – Trombone
  • Jason McDermid – Trumpet
  • Jason Bruer – Saxophone
  • Terry Edwards – Saxophone
  • Pablo Cook – Percussion
  • Clive Langer – Production
  • Alan Winstanley – Production
  • Mark Bishop – Engineer


  • "4 am" is a re-recorded version of the song that appeared on Suggs' solo album The Lone Ranger.
  • "If I Didn't Care" is a cover of a song originally recorded by The Ink Spots.
  • Providing the vocals to "Drip Fed Fred" would be Ian Dury's last chart single release and final appearance on Top of the Pops before his death in March 2000.
  • Despite being the title of the album, "Wonderful" only made it as a b-side on one of the editions of the "Johnny the Horse" single. However, it is included on the Japanese version of the album, along with another song which was a b-side in the UK - "Round And Round".

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