Word Owner
by Wordburglar
Album Burglaritis
Released August 1st, 2006
Genre Hip-Hop
Label Hand'Solo Records/URBNET
Producer Beatmason
Burglaritis chronology
Eight Rappers & The Mason Word Owner Let's Get Romantical

Song DetailsEdit

Artist: Wordburglar
Album: Burglaritis
Date Released: August 1st, 2006
Label: Hand'Solo Records/URBNET
Produced By: Beatmason


"While you morons are canoodling, someone's burgling my miscellanea!"

You said your girl looked like Drew Barrymore
I met her
She looks like Drew Carey more
Wearing way to much makeup
And no one really cares about you
Like the Grey Cup
So shape up
I break it down like Jenga
My rhymes look good
Like tight shirts on Tapenga
Went to your show
And I was the illest there
I do it with ladies
Like Lilith Fair
Well prepared like a Cub Scout
I stay in the painting
And never get sucked out
If you're in the club, shout
It ain't a suggestion
If Iversons the answer
I'm the question
Kinda funny
Like something that tastes weird
Not your everyday
Like a kid with a gray beard
So, I tell a story like Chuck Dickens
When I'm on the mic you got problems
Like people who fuck chickens

Cuz anyone
Can make words rhyme
Yo, anyone
Can make words rhyme
Yo, anyone
Can make words rhyme
But only one man
Makes words mine

I own words
I own words
I own words
I got receipts and shit, dude

I make words mine
Like I own them
Know someone with a problem?
Here's a quarter
Phone them
Cuz, dude
I just do not care
I'm hot
Like people who wear lots of layers
I make love to the beats
Romancing the grooves
You wanna get your hands on me
Like Scarlett Johansson's boobs
I'm grabbing mic's
And I rip great
And I never leave the house
Without the Backburner Mix-tape
While you're sucking wood
Like a tree vortex
And the only time you cum
Is before sex
With the hussies in the stairway
Wearing too much hairspray
"What's your take on same sex weddings?"
They're gay
And I don't need my homies picking me up
Cuz when I rap all I hear is, "Holy frigging fuck!"
I never said I was the best in town
But, yo, I'll give the bomb beat
I won't let you down

Cuz anyone
Can make words rhyme
Yo, anyone
Can make words rhyme
Yo, anyone
Can make words rhyme
But only one man
Makes words mine

I make words mine
I own words
I own the-
I own words
I own-
I o-
I own words
I ow-
I own words

First I burgle them
I take them to my home
(And then I own them)
And give them a home
I've always been sympathetic
To needy words

They need us
We use them everyday
But what do we give back?
(The "Wordowner")
Yo, for sure
We're representing
Props Department in full effect
(Full effect)
Backburner, you're alive

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