"Workout Stevie, Workout", also written as"Work Out Stevie, Work Out", is a song by Stevie Wonder. It was written by Clarence Paul and Henry Cosby. On september 13, 1963 gave Tamla Records it as single , with the b-side the instrumental "Monkey Talk". That song came about when Wonder with Paul, Earl Van Dyke and Johnny Allen in 1963 to the jamming was. [2the title "Monkey Talk" refers to a dream of Wonder, in which he was a monkey that ' Ugg ' was called and harmonica played. [3]

Wonder scored his first hit in August 1963 with the song "Fingertips". The single "Workout Stevie, Workout" would be followed by an eponymous album, but sales figures fell so against that Motown decided not to issue the album. [4the single reached the 33rd place in the American charts. [5]

"Workout Stevie, Workout" was featured on several compilation albums by miracle, including Greatest Hits (1968) and Looking Back (1970). In 2005, via iTunes the collection The Complete Stevie Wonder released, including the entire album Workout Stevie, Workout.


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