Artist: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Label: Interscope

Produced By:


Review: Rating: 8.5/10

This should be a joyous time for Trail of Dead fans with the release of the much anticipated follow-up to the amazing Source Tags and Codes, but alas, you and I weren’t the only ones to realize the potential of these 4 black-clad kids from Austin, TX. I have to first give props to Interscope for signing the band, but then quickly retract that because they've pushed back the already finished album to a late January release because of other, larger priority album drops by similar artists like Eminem, Gwen Stefani and U2… because I know at least every time I listen to The Eminem Show, I immediately follow it up with Source Tags and Codes and wash down that with repeated listens to “Beautiful Day.” Yeah. Anyway... At least the sympathetic major label kept us salivating with this single which features the title track from the upcoming album Worlds Apart, along with a Genesis and Monkees cover. Too bad only one track is playable. The single sounds like a party anthem for a late night, drunk-fest at a secluded bar somewhere in Texas. The Genesis cover resembles “Intelligence” from the prior EP, and is very good. The Monkees cover is the only playable track, and is a slightly darker take on the song, but pretty bad-ass, so just play it over and over again. As for me, I got a few months to kill before the full-length; I guess I could go listen to the new U2… or maybe no.

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