Worlds in Collision is Pere Ubu's eighth studio album. The album continues in the glossy pop mold found on their previous studio album, Cloudland. For this album, Eric Drew Feldman (Captain BeefheartSnakefinger, the Residents, the Pixies) takes over from departing original member Allen Ravenstine on synthesizer duties, though Ravenstine makes some guest appearances.

Though out of print for many years, a reissue was announced in early 2007.[3]

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. Oh Catherine – 2:54
  2. I Hear They Smoke the BBQ – 4:08
  3. Turpentine! – 2:40
  4. Goodnite Irene – 4:10
  5. Mirror Man – 3:32
  6. Cry Cry Cry – 2:45
  7. Worlds in Collision – 3:43
  8. Life of Riley – 2:34
  9. Over the Moon – 3:08
  10. Don't Look Back – 4:05
  11. Playback – 3:30
  12. Nobody Knows – 2:37
  13. Winter in the Firelands – 3:09


with guests:

  • Allen Ravenstine: EML synthesizer on "Turpentine!", "Life of Riley", "Playback" & "Winter In The Firelands"
  • Andy Redhead: percussion
  • John Kirlpatrick: melodeon on "Cry Cry Cry", "Worlds In Collision" & "Over The Moon"
  • Susie Honeyman: violin on "Over The Moon"
  • Al Clay: backing vocals

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