The Wu-Tang Clan is from Staten Island ( New York ) coming hiphop . This East Coast formation is among the New school hip hop and consists of nine permanent members:Method Man (Johnny Blaze, Hot Nickels), Ol 'Dirty Bastard (A Son Unique, Osirus, Dirt McGirt), RZA (The Abbot), GZA ( The Genius), Raekwon (The Chef), Inspectah Deck(Rebel INS), U-God (Golden Arms), Masta Killa (Noodles) and Ghostface Killah (Tony Stark, Iron Man, Ghostdini, Pretty Toney). Ol 'Dirty Bastard died in 2004. The Wu-Tang Clan also has several affiliates within the organization, this is Wu-Tang dozens of related members, including the Dutch rapper and producer Cilvaringz .


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Discography edit ]Edit

Albums edit ]Edit

Singles edit ]Edit

  • 1992 "Protect Ya Neck / METHOD Man"
  • 1993 "Protect Ya Neck"
  • 1994 "Can It Be All So Simple"
  • 1994 "CREAM"
  • 1994 "Da Mystery OR Chessboxin '"
  • 1997 "Triumph"
  • 1997 "Reunited"
  • 1997 "It's Yourz"
  • 2000 "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)"
  • 2000 "Gravel Pit"
  • 2001 "I Can not Go To Sleep"
  • 2001 "Careful (Click, Click)"
  • 2002 "Uzi (Pinky Ring)"
  • 2002 "Rules"
  • 2002 "Back In The Game"
  • 2007 "The Heart Gently Weeps"
Single (s) with any hit in 

the Dutch Top 40

Date of 


Date of 




Number of 


Reunited 1997 07-02-1998 tip2 -
Say What You Want (All Day Every Day) 1998 18-04-1998 5 16 Texas with The Wu-Tang Clan
Gravel Pit 2000 09-12-2000 6 11
I Can not Go To Sleep 2001 28-04-2001 tip14 -
Rules 2001 12-01-2002 tip20 -
Uzi (Pinky Ring) 2002 02-02-2002 tip18 -

Contributions Edit ]Edit

  • 1994 "Anything (Old School Remix)" (the SWV EP Remixes )
  • 1994 "St. Ide's" (in St. Ide's advertising)
  • 1997 "Diesel" (the Soul In The Hole soundtrack)
  • 1997 "America" ​​(the America Is Dying Slowly compilation)
  • 1997 "Sucker MC's" (on the In The Beginning compilation)
  • 1998 "Put Your Hammer Down" & "Wu-Tang Cream Team Lineup" (on the Funkmaster Flex album The Mix Tape, Vol 3: 60. Minutes of Funk )
  • 1998 "Windpipe" (on the Belly soundtrack)
  • 1998 "And You Do not Stop" (the Rush Hour soundtrack)
  • 2000 "Shame" (in the Loud Rocks compilation)
  • 2000 "Rollin '(Urban Assault Vehicle) (Feat. DMX) - Limp Bizkit
  • 2000 "Fast Shadow" (the Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai soundtrack)
  • 2000 "Shaolin Worldwide" (on the Next Friday soundtrack)
  • 2001 "The Abduction" (the Tony Touch album The Piece Maker )
  • 2001 "What You In Fo '(on the Oz soundtrack)
  • 2004 "Rock Steady" (the Tony Touch album The Piece Maker 2 )
  • 2004 "Black Mamba" (the Kill Bill Vol. 2 soundtrack as hidden bonus track)
  • 2009 "Strange Enough" (the "NASA" album "The Spirit of Apollo"

Trivia edit ]Edit

  • There is an official clothing line called Wu-wear .
  • In 1999 came the PlayStation game Taste the pain out.
  • In 2005 the book was published The Wu-Tang Manual written by The RZA ( ISBN 1594480184 ).
  • The first 12 albums by the Wu-Tang released all got a gold or platinum status explained awarded.
  • Cappadonna is the unofficial 10th member of the Wu-Tang Clan, beside him there is Streetlife (11th) and LA The Darkman (12th).
  • The members are still active solo albums recording.
  • There are also a large number of Wu-Tang related rappers, many of whom work with Wu-Tang.
  • Cilvaringz is the only Moroccan member of the Wu-Tang Killa Beez.
  • Wu tang clan and System of a Down have worked together and from this came the song Shame on a nigga .

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