Founded: 1976

Headquarters: London

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One of the more influential feminist punk bands, X-Ray Spex was formed in 1976 by Poly Styrene. They had a large following even before releasing an album. Their first single, "Oh Bondage, Up Yours" was regarded as an instant classic of the genre, even though original saxophonist Lora Logic left before they had recorded anything. The sound was punk influenced by 1950s R&B records. They had only recorded one album, which wasn't even released in the US until 1992. In 1995, the band reformed (with Lora Logic this time, and recorded a second album, although it couldn't compare to the original. Both Poly Styrene and Lora Logic joined Hare Krishna (separate from each other). Poly Styrene also released some solo records, though nothing did nearly as well as her work with X-Ray Spex.





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