Xero Sampler Tape - Front
The second and more popular cover.
EP by Xero
Released January 1st, 1997
Recorded 1996 (?)
Genre Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Rap Metal
Language English
Label N/A
Producer Mike Shinoda
Xero chronology
N/A Xero Hybrid Theroy EP (By Hybrid Theroy)

Xero is a 1997 sampler tape that was released by Linkin Park when their name also was Xero and Mark Wakefield was the vocalist before he left and Chester Bennington took his place. This tape is known to be extremely rare and would go up to thousands of dollars on online auction sites. Most songs from the tape were never re-rereleased except for "Rhinestone", which became the track "Forgotten" from Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory.


There is known to be two covers to the tape. The first is a black and white photo of a shopping cart, the second being a painting of an eyeless baby.


Date Released: 1997

Label: None.

Produced By: Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield


  1. Rhinestone
  2. Reading My Eyes
  3. Fuse
  4. Stick 'N' Move

Rhinestone became Forgotten after some rearrangements. Elements of Fuse are probably used for the song High Voltage. Stick 'N' Move is believed to be reused for the song Runaway.


1 out of 5 at sputnik music

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