Artist: Barnes & Barnes

Date Released: 2000

Label: Oglio

Produced By: Barnes & Barnes


  1. Kiss Me Where It Stinks
  2. The Public Toilet
  3. Say Hello
  4. Feminine Parts
  5. Fish Heads
  6. Party In My Pants
  7. Boogie Woogie Amputee
  8. Linoleum
  9. Cats
  10. E's Epistle
  11. Work The Meat
  12. Fighting The Demon
  13. Don't Up The World
  14. If You Hurt No One
  15. Learn To Kiss The Enemy
  16. The Little Man
  17. Pineapple Princess
  18. Homophobic Dream #22
  19. Pizza Face
  20. Sit On My Lap And Call Me Daddy
  21. So Bold
  22. Tunnel Walker
  23. What's It Like To Be You
  24. Touch Yourself


The second, and readily-available Barnes & Barnes best-of, this one is more comphrensive than Zabagabee, and features much more in the way of unreleased tracks. The first four were recorded specifically for this compilation (the best of these is "Kiss Me Where It Stinks", which is as good as anything they've done), there's 3 cuts from the Kodovoner era and 2 cuts from the unfinished, unreleased, rejected-by-Rhino demo for the followup to Sicks (both of which are excellent and make me wish Rhino hadn't rejected it). This is also the first time "So Bold" has been released in any form that stayed around for very long—it was initally released on the I Had Sex With ET EP (sued out of existence), then recorded for Kodovoner (shelved and not released for 22 years, involving all sorts of close calls including thinking for a long time that the master tapes were completely lost), and then re-recorded again for the Rhino-Rejected 1988 demo. Makes you wonder if there might be such a thing to curses, huh? It's a really great song, though, and I think I actually prefer this version (the 1988 version) to the Kodovoner version, but they're both great. Unlike Zabagabee, this is ordered chronologically (aside from the first 4 new songs). It actually provides a pretty good overview of their career, and there are enough new songs that make this release essential (including the exquisite "Tunnel Walker", from that lost Rhino demo.) If you don't mind starting with a best-of, this is the one to get (even if the Zabagabee CD were readily available). - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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