Artist: LCD Soundsystem

Date Released: January 13, 2004

Label: DFA

Produced By: James Murphy


  1. Yeah (Crass Version)
  2. Yeah (Pretentious Version)

Review: James Murphy was still trying to figure out the best way to outsmart the Berlinamsburg set in the wake of Tired, so instead of making another hipster-baiting masterpiece (Been there, done that), he went in the other direction entirely for the last single before the release of LCD Soundsystem's self-titled debut.

Etched into the vinyl of every "Yeah" single was the phrase "Not as good as Losing My Edge." But if you took that at face value, you were listening to the wrong band to begin with: The "Crass" version (initially known as the "Stupid" version) starts off as a whispery "Beat Connection"-esque disco-rock number with Murphy intentionally singing almost nothing but "yeahs" as a reaction to the verbose Losing My Edge. Over the course of nine and a half minutes, Murphy guides the hypnotic chorus of his bandmates behind him into what AMG's Andy Kellman accurately described as "a terrifically obnoxious, out-of-control monstrosity." There remains little doubt that this was the song that sent the furor of the full-length to maddening levels.

The "Pretentious" b-side noodles more with electronics and streamlines the aggression and the furor of the "Crass" version, but its noteworthiness should not go unnoticed. Put shortly, the "Yeah" 12" was the best mix between Chicago's house, New York's post-punk, and Berlin's techno one could've possibly asked for... At least, until LCD Soundsystem came out in January of '05. PMasterson

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