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1897 in music:


  • Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa's Band
  • El Capitan March Sousa's Band
  • Blue Bells of Scotland Arthur Pryor
  • Twin Star March Cullen and Collins
  • Hot Time in the Old Town Vess Ossman with Len Spenser
  • Overture to William Tell Vess Ossman
  • American Medley W. Paris Chambers
  • I Thought I Was a Winner, or, I Don't Know, You Ain't So Warm Columbia Orchestra
  • Old Glory Waves on High Arthur Pryor
  • Liberty Bell March Edison Concert Band
  • Govoni Gavotte Professor D. Wormser
  • Loin Du Bal Sousa's Band
  • The Mocking Bird Charles Lowe
  • Stars and Stripes Forever Edison Concert Band
  • A Hot Time in the Old Town Dan Quinn
  • Kentucky Babe Invincible Quartet
  • I Love Her Just the Same S.H. Dudley
  • Nelly Bly W. Paris Chambers
  • Light as a Feather Columbia Orchestra
  • You're So Good Daddy Arthur Pryor
  • Sweet Marie George J. Gaskin
  • Rag Time Medley Vess Ossman
  • Jane George J. Gaskin
  • Levee Revels Sousa's Band
  • Vega March Cullen and Collins
  • Scenes That Are Brightest W. Paris Chambers
  • The Butterfly The Banda Rossa
  • The New Bully Dan Quinn
  • Starlight Waltz Sousa's Band
  • Hickory Corners Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Love Thoughts Waltz Arthur Pryor
  • O Happy Day- From 'The Fortune Teller' The Trumpet Quartette
  • Leonora Waltz Charles Lowe
  • There'll Come a Time Arthur Pryor
  • The Thunderer March Sousa's Band
  • The Hen Convention John James Villiers
  • Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes Charles Lowe
  • Answer Henry Higgins
  • Old Folks at Home George J. Gaskin
  • Drinking George Graham
  • Church Scene from the Old Homestead Greater New York Quartet
  • Chin Chin Chinaman Dan Quinn
  • Tenting Tonight on the Old Campground George J. Gaskin
  • Darling Dream of Me Diamond Quartette
  • Watch on Rhine Brass Quartette
  • A Trip on the Limited Express Band [ Berliner Records ]
  • The Handicap- March Sousa's Band
  • Glass in Hand Sousa's Band
  • Commodore Polka W. Paris Chambers
  • The March King Sousa's Band
  • Yankee Doodle Vess Ossman
  • Grand March From Tannhauser Edison Concert Band
  • Morning on the Farm N. R. Wood
  • Sally in Our Alley George J. Gaskin
  • Just As I Am Steve Porter
  • Lily Bells Sousa's Band
  • The Crack Regiment Sousa's Band
  • The Serenade Vess Ossman
  • Flirtation Sousa's Band
  • The New Bully J. W. Myers
  • La Czarine Sousa's Band
  • The Vacant Chair J. W. Myers
  • The Forge in the Forest Edison Symphony Orchestra

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