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Music in 1898


  • Eli Green's Cake Walk Cullen and Collins
  • Manhattan Beach March Sousa's Band
  • A Bunch of Rags Vess Ossman
  • March of the Marines Issler's Orchestra
  • Emmett's Cuckoo Song George P. Watson
  • Zizzy Ze Zum Zum Arthur Collins
  • Who Broke the Lock Cousins & DeMoss
  • Unique Edward Fletcher
  • Pretty Little Queen Vess Ossman
  • Yamaz Sibarud Maino of Yam
  • The Washington Post March Sousa's Band
  • The Bride Elect March Sousa's Band
  • Ye Boston Tea Party Sousa's Band
  • Let Her Rip Columbia Orchestra
  • My Old Kentucky Home William Tuson
  • Down in Louisana Peerless Orchestra
  • How'd You Like to Be the Iceman? Will F. Denny
  • The Seraph W. Paris Chambers
  • Blue Bells of Scotland A. P. Stenglar
  • Little Nell A. P. Stenglar
  • She Never Did the Same Thing Twice Dan Quinn
  • Estudiantina Waltz Columbia Orchestra
  • Bugle Calls Number Two Al Sweet
  • Soldier's Farewell Haydn Quartet
  • Always Do As People Say You Should Alice Nielsen
  • My Old Kentucky Home Sousa's Band
  • Miserere from Il Trovatore Arthur Pryor & Henry Higgins
  • Honolulu Cake Walk Vess Ossman
  • Directorate March Vess Ossman
  • The Star-Spangled Banner Sousa's Band
  • The Star-Spangled Banner Haydn Quartet
  • Stars and Stripes Forever Vess Ossman
  • Break the News to Mother Albert Campbell
  • Reception Medley Excelsior Quartette
  • Zizzy Ze Zum Zum John Terrell
  • Casey as Doctor Russell Hunting
  • Could You Then Love Another Simone Mantia
  • Sonambula A. P. Stenglar
  • Comin' Through the Rye Syria Lamont
  • Vous qui faites l'endormie Paul Aumonier
  • Song of the Turn Key Nicholas Scholl
  • Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield The Diamond Four
  • Spaghetti Polka F. Jardella
  • Old Ben Bolt Various Artists
  • Grace O'Moore Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Kaiser March The Banda Rossa
  • My Honolulu Lady John Terrell
  • Flee As a Bird J. W. Myers
  • Uncle Josh Weathersby in a Department Store Cal Stewart
  • Katharina Pete LeMaine
  • Whistling Mike John Terrell
  • Tenting on the Old Campground George Terrill
  • Moonlight Medley The Diamond Four
  • The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow J. W. Myers
  • Some Day Annie Carter
  • L.A.W March Vess Ossman
  • Medley of War Songs Edison Concert Band
  • Mendelssohn's Wedding March Edison Concert Band
  • Onward Christian Soldiers J. W. Myers
  • Fantasia from La Somnambula William Tuson
  • You Didn't Tell Me That Before We Married Will F. Denny
  • Kentucky Babe The Village Choir of Way Down East
  • As Your Hair Grows Whiter J. J. Fisher
  • Talk by the Yankee Comedian Number One Cal Stewart
  • The Virginia Skeedaddle Columbia Orchestra
  • Meeting of the Blue and Gray Sousa's Band
  • Just One Girl Frank Butts
  • Whisper Your Mother's Name George J. Gaskin
  • Uncle Josh Weathersby at Delmonico's Cal Stewart
  • Molly O Frank Laughton
  • Church Scene Edison Male Quartette
  • Berkeley March Cullen and Collins
  • Ingersoll at the Tomb of Napoleon W. F. Hooley

Other EventsEdit

  • 5 March: first performance of Symphony No. 1 by Eyvind Alnæs;
  • 2 april: first performance of Symphony No. 4 by Sergei Taneyev;
  • 28 april: first performance of Symphony No. 7 by Asger Hamerik;
  • 17 may: first performance of Danse visionary and the Festival mars by Johan Halvorsen;
  • 10 december: first performances of Violin Concerto No. 1, Quinze caprices pour piano and Christian Sinding 's Episodes chevaleresques

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