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1899 in music


  • Whistling Rufus Vess Ossman 
  • The Laird o' Drumblair James Scott Skinner
  • Southern Hospitality Sousa's Band
  • Hands Across the Sea Sousa's Band
  • Smoky Mokes Vess Ossman
  • Glorious Beer Dan Quinn
  • Where Corals Lie Clara Butt
  • Whistling Rufus Sousa's Band
  • Snyder, Does Your Mother Know You're Out? George P. Watson
  • Whistling Rufus Peerless Orchestra
  • A Ragtime Skedaddle George Schweinfest
  • Sounds From Tyrol Professor D. Wormser
  • Mandy Lee Arthur Collins
  • She Was Happy Till She Met You S.H. Dudley
  • Because Albert Campbell
  • Kiss Me Honey Do S.H. Dudley
  • While the Leaves Come Drifting Down Harlan and Madeira
  • La chanson des peupliers Henri Weber
  • Whistling Rufus Len Spencer
  • At a Georgia Camp Meeting Sousa's Band
  • The Bridge Haydn Quartet
  • Narcissus Sousa's Band
  • The Funny Brother Polin
  • Traumerei Frederick Hager
  • Franke Galop Columbia Orchestra
  • Second Conneticut March Edison Concert Band
  • Dance of the Sprites Sousa's Band
  • Fortune Teller March Joseph Cullen
  • Ode of Welcome Brass Quartet
  • A Little Bit of Everything Vess Ossman
  • Laughing Song Maurice Farkoa
  • The Vacant Chair Haydn Quartet
  • Time Is Money Will F. Denny
  • My Babe From Boston Peerless Orchestra
  • Military Mollie S.H. Dudley
  • The Marriage Bells Vess Ossman
  • Irish Washwoman Frank S. Mazziotta
  • When You Ain't Got No Money Well You Needn't Come 'Round John Terrell
  • Patrol Comique George Schweinfest
  • Strauss Lullaby Alice Raymond
  • She's An All Right Girl Joseph Natus
  • Anvil Chorus Nina Angela
  • My Sunday Girl S.H. Dudley
  • (I Guess I'll Have To) Telegraph My Baby Edward M. Favour
  • Arbucklenian Polka Al Sweet
  • Silver Moon The Brilliant Quartet
  • Hunter's Gallop Brass Quartet
  • The Cake Walk Leslie Stuart
  • Smoky Mokes U.S. Marine Band
  • Red White and Blue George Terrill
  • The Sweetest Story Ever Told Albert Campbell
  • How I Got To Morrow George Graham
  • Cotton Blossoms Sousa's Band
  • Hot Time in the Old Town Sousa's Band
  • You'll Get All That's Coming to You Len Spencer
  • High and Low Charles Lowe
  • Auction Sale of Household Goods Len Spencer
  • Cornfield Medley Haydn Quartet

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