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1901 in pop culture:



  • Ain't That a Shame Dan Quinn
  • Hail to the Spirit of Liberty Sousa's Band
  • Rusty Rags Vess Ossman
  • Paistab sügisel ka päikene Michael Gol′tison
  • Oriental Intermezzo Salome Vess Ossman
  • Yankee Doodle with Variations W. Paris Chambers
  • My Old Kentucky Home Charles Lowe
  • Yankee Doodle Vess Ossman
  • I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls Albert Campbell
  • The Man Behind the Gun Vess Ossman
  • Good Afternoon Mr. Jenkins Williams and Walker
  • La boîteuse du régiment Polin
  • A Signal from Mars John Lacalle's Band
  • Smoky Mokes Metropolitan Orchestra
  • I've a Longing in My Heart for You Louise Joseph Natus
  • A Ragtime Skedaddle Frank S. Mazziotta
  • La Bonita Waltz Samuel Siegel
  • Old Folks at Home Vess Ossman
  • When You Were Sweet Sixteen Harry Macdonough
  • Good Morning Carrie Williams and Walker
  • My Old Kentucky Home Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • The Rajah March Sousa's Band
  • Uncle Josh Weathersby on a Bicycle Cal Stewart
  • Irish Reel Frank S. Mazziotta
  • The Patriot Sousa's Band
  • Under the Double Eagle Victor Herbert
  • The Birds and the Brook Peerless Orchestra
  • Impecunious Davis Metropolitan Orchestra
  • The Blue Danube Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Pesther Waltzes Sousa's Band
  • Serenade Rococo Sousa's Band
  • Rose Mousse Sousa's Band
  • Loin Du Bal Sousa's Band
  • Continuous Performances S.H. Dudley
  • Backyard Conversation Between Two Irish Washerwomen Steve Porter
  • The Girl in the Barracks Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Dolly Coppersmith's Polka Municipal Military Band
  • The New World Joseph Natus
  • Mosquito Parade Victor Herbert
  • While the Band Is Playing Dixie Harry Macdonough
  • Hunky Dory Vess Ossman
  • Has Anybody Seen Our Cat? Burt Shepard
  • Good afternoon, Mr. Jenkins George Walker
  • My Lonesome Little Louisiana Lady Joseph Natus
  • Pipe Dream Dan Quinn
  • Mr. Thomas Cat Gilmore's Band
  • The Invincible Eagle March Sousa's Band
  • A Southern Reverie Metropolitan Orchestra
  • The Siren Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Schottische, Tell Us Pretty Maidens Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Plantation Pastimes Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Forever : Intermezzo Sousa's Band
  • Reminiscences of Wagner : Introducing the Bridal Chorus From Lohengrin Sousa's Band
  • Vaudeville Specialty George J. Gaskin
  • Some Mother Will Lose a Son Herbert Darnley
  • Hail to the Spirit of Liberty Sousa's Band
  • Thunder and Lightning Gilmore's Band
  • American Students Waltz Gilmore's Band
  • Fanchette Metropolitan Orchestra
  • The Gridiron March Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Zamona : An Arabian Intermezzo Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Ritter Pasman. Csárdás Sousa's Band
  • Arbucklenian Polka Bohumir Kryl
  • Sousa's Band's Coming Gilmore's Band
  • The Holy City Charles D'Almaine
  • Gems, from "Faust" Charles D'Almaine
  • Selection From Lohengrin and Tannhäuser : Introducing the 'Pilgrims' Chorus' Sousa's Band
  • Just Break the News to Mother George J. Gaskin
  • The Holy City Harry Macdonough
  • Whistling Medley Wilson M. Clark
  • America S.C. Porter
  • Sunshine Will Come Again Edison Male Quartette
  • Columbia Polka Bohumir Kryl

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