Music in 1903

Singles Edit

The Ragtime Drummer James I. Lent

Razzle Dazzle Vess Ossman

Any Rags? Arthur Collins

Extinct Tasmanian Aboriginal Songs Fanny Cochrane Smith

The Lobster's Promenade Fred Van Eps

Bedelia Billy Murray

Whoa Bill Vess Ossman

March from "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" Columbia Orchestra

In the Good Old Summer Time Haydn Quartet

All Going Out and Nothing Coming In Bert Williams

Dreamy Eyes Vess Ossman

Tessie (You are the Only, Only) Billy Murray

Hiawatha Parke Hunter

National Fantasia Bohumir Kryl

Le Secret John Hazel

Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life S.H. Dudley

Peaceful Henry Edison Concert Band

A Picnic for Two Billy Murray

Les blondes Fragson

Hello Bill Jos Barrett

Ingersoll at the Tomb of Napoleon Len Spencer

Les amis de monsieur Fragson

Beaumarie Albert Benzler

Russian Fantasie Bohumir Kryl

Congo Love Song Arthur Pryor & Sousa's Band

The Whistling Bowery Boy S.H. Dudley

In Silence George Alexander

Annie Laurie Knickerbocker Quartette

Gloria from "Mozart's Twelfth Mass" Zon-o-phone Orchestra

Jack Tar March Victor Herbert

Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield Haydn Quartet

El Capitan March Victor Herbert

Alita Albert Benzler

L'amour boiteux Fragson

Frolics in a Hen Coop Edison Symphony Orchestra

C-H-I-C-K-E-N, That's the Way to Spell Chicken Arthur Collins

Just Kiss Yourself Good-Bye Arthur Collins

Won't You Kindly Hum 'Home Sweet Home' to Me Billy Murray

The Blue Bells of Scotland 48th Highlanders' Band

Before the Mast Victor Herbert

Two Eyes of Blue Mina Hickman

Oberon Overture Victor Grand Concert Band

Pop Goes the Weasel Medley Charles D'Almaine

Shall We Meet Beyond the River Knickerbocker Quartette

Sweet and Low Brass Quartet

Anona- Intermezzo Victor Orchestra

Man Behind the Gun Zon-o-phone Orchestra

By the Sycamore Tree Harry Macdonough

When Kate and I Were Comin' Thro' the Rye Harry Macdonough

When We Were Boys Stanley and Harlan

I Wonder Why Bill Bailey Don't Come Home Arthur Collins

I'm a Jonah Man Arthur Collins

Alec Busby, Don't Go Away Billy Murray

It Takes the Irish to Beat the Dutch Billy Murray

Two Comrades Polka John Hazel

Heart Bowed Down William Tuson

Carving the Duck George W. Johnson

Under the Bamboo Tree Arthur Collins

Carnival of Venice Bohumir Kryl

Cary Waltz Bohumir Kryl

Answer Bohumir Kryl

Inflammatus: Stabat Mater Bohumir Kryl

Columbia Bohumir Kryl

Gems from Faust Charles D'Almaine

Arbucklinian Polka Bohumir Kryl

Ballet Music from Mathias Sandorph William Tuson

St. Pettinhill's Brooms Cal Stewart

Uncle Josh on a Fifth Avenue Bus Cal Stewart

Abide with Me Richard Jose

Other eventsEdit

  • The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius composes his Romance, op. 42, for strings
  • The French-Basque composer Maurice Ravel composes his Shéhérazade, a song cycle for soprano or tenor solo and Orchestra, to three poems of Tristan Klingsor: La flûte enchantée "Asie", "", and "L ' Indifférent"


  • 23 January: Frank Bridges Piano Quartet in c minor in the Royal Academy of Music
  • 8 October: Edgar Bain ton Pompilia
  • 28 november: Hjalmar Borgstrøms Hamlet

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