1904 in music


Inflamatus- Stabat Mater Arthur Pryor

Questo o Quello Enrico Caruso

The St. Louis Rag Vess Ossman

Meet Me in St Louis, Louis Billy Murray

Hickory Bill Len Spencer and Parke Hunter

Ave Maria Alessandro Moreschi

Anona Vess Ossman

The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane Bob Roberts

Under the Anheuser Bush Billy Murray

Navajo Billy Murray

Cocoanut Dance Vess Ossman

Keep Off the Grass Vess Ossman

The Nightingale and the Blackbird Lufsky and Christie and Arthur Pryor's Band

Mignon Overture Arthur Pryor

Peaceful Henry Vess Ossman

Birds of Spring Edison Symphony Orchestra

In the Evening by the Moonlight Haydn Quartet

All Aboard for Dreamland Byron G. Harlan

Nymphes & Sylvans Ruth Vincent

Alexander Billy Murray

On a Good Old Trolley Ride Billy Murray

Blue Bell Albert Benzler & James W. Hager

Bedelia Haydn Quartet

Sing, Smile, Slumber Bohumir Kryl

Monsieur Lefires Le Pétomane

Marriage Bells Vess Ossman

Jovial Joe Edison Concert Band

Alexander Bob Roberts

O Lord Be Thou My Light George Alexander

Tammerkosken sillalla Pasi Jääskeläinen

I May Be Crazy But I Ain't No Fool Bob Roberts

Radetsky Marsch Peerless Orchestra

Scissors to Grind Arthur Collins

Come Take a Trip in My Air-Ship J. W. Myers

Nancy Lee Stanley and Harlan

Když jsem já jel Marak Otakar

Mary Ellen Billy Murray

My Cozy Corner Girl Billy Murray

Patrol Comique Vess Ossman

I'll Do the Same for You Byron G. Harlan

Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean's Gold to Blue Harry Macdonough

No One's Looking But the Owl and the Moon Corrine Morgan and Frank Stanley

Hark the Herald Angels Sing Columbia Orchestra

Teasing (I was Only Teasing You) Billy Murray

The Wizard Columbia Orchestra

Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye Byron G. Harlan

Battle of Manassas Edison Military Band

The Blue and the Gray Patrol Sousa's Band

The Gondolier Arthur Collins

My Little Love Bird Harry Macdonough

Pretty Little Dinah Jones Arthur Collins

A Little Boy Called "Taps" Byron G. Harlan

Navajo Harry Macdonough

If I Were Only You Byron G. Harlan

Reuben Haskins' Air Ship Len Spencer and Parke Hunter

The Banjo Evangelist Len Spencer and Parke Hunter

The Lorelei Haydn Quartet

She Was a Good Old Soul Frank Stanley

Love's Sorrow George Alexander

Star of Bethlehem Henry Burr

Ah ! Mon colon ! Victor Lejal

One Sweetly Solemn Thought Henry Burr

The Scarecrow Dance Edison Symphony Orchestra

Heaven Is My Home Henry Burr

Sammy Henry Burr

My Little Canoe Henry Burr

My Cozy Corner Girl Henry Burr

Annie Laurie Corinne Morgan

The Banjo Evangelist Len Spencer and Fred Van Eps

Wedding of the Winds Waltz Victor Dance Orchestra

Cella Arthur Collins

Any Rags? Arthur Collins

Oysters and Clams Arthur Collins

Tippecanoe Bob Roberts

I'm on the Water Wagon Now Billy Murray

Dear Sing Sing Billy Murray

Miserere From Il Trovatore Charles D'Almaine

The Gondolier Edison Military Band

Master of the Circus Parade Len Spencer

Slavery Days Edison Male Quintette

The Man in the Overalls Byron G. Harlan

In Zanzibar Harry Macdonough

Chant Venitien Dame Nellie Melba

Afterwards George Alexander

Sweet Sixteen Waltz Bohumir Kryl

Sweet Adeline (You're the Flower of My Heart) Haydn Quartet

Uncle Josh at the Insurance Company Cal Stewart

Mein Himmel auf der Erde Rost'sches Solo-Quartett

Con Clancy and the Whistling Newsboy Len Spencer and Parke Hunter

I'm Wearing My Heart Away for You Henry Burr

Two Rubes at the Vaudeville Stanley and Harlan

Old Uncle Ned Columbia Quartet

Other eventsEdit

  • Claude Debussy Danses sacrée et profane composes Concerto for harp and String Orchestra.


  • 5 February: Johan Halvorsen: music at Dronning Tamara
  • 14 april: Johan Halvorsen: music at La sorcière
  • 10 may: Hugo Alfvén: Midsummer wait
  • 17 may: Albert Roussel: Résurrection
  • May 17: Maurice Ravel: Shéhérazade
  • 17 may: Vincent d'Indy: Choral
  • 20 may: Henry Geehl: In the Harz Mountains; Frank Bridge: The hag; William Hurlstone: Fantasy-variations on a Swedish theme; Adam Carse: Scena Manfred-soliloquy; Frank Bridge: Mid of the night; York Bowen: Overture; Paul Corder : Scena Grettir's departure; Gustav Holst : Suite de ballet for Orchestra in e-flat op. 10
  • 29 september: Eyvind Alnæs' Tre sange opus 17
  • 15 October: Frederick Delius' Appalachia
  • 24 October: Delius ' Piano concert (original three-part version)
  • 12 november: Hjalmar Borgstrøms Jesus i Gethsemane
  • 19 november: Christian Sinding: Kvartet, his only String Quartet
  • 20 november: Frank Bridge's Novelletten
  • 6 december: Frank Bridges A dirge, A dead violet and Night lies on the silent highways
  • 26 december: Johan Halvorsens music at Byens Stolthed

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