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1905 in music


  • The Whistler and His Dog Arthur Pryor
  • The Yankee Doodle Boy Billy Murray
  • La donna è mobile Enrico Caruso
  • Give My Regards to Broadway Billy Murray
  • Lucia di Lammermoor Dame Nellie Melba
  • Panama Rag Ossman-Dudley Trio
  • Brindisi, from "Cavalleria Rusticana" Enrico Caruso
  • Come, Take a Trip in My Air-Ship Billy Murray
  • In My Merry Oldsmobile Billy Murray
  • King Carnival Bohumir Kryl
  • Fol De Iddley Ido Will F. Denny
  • McGinty at the Living Pictures Edward M. Favor
  • I Don't Like Your Family Billy Murray
  • Cake-Walk in the Sky Victor Dance Orchestra
  • Just Plain Folks Ada Jones
  • The Whole Damm Family Billy Murray
  • Navajo Ossman and Hunter
  • He's Me Pal Ada Jones
  • The Preacher and the Bear Arthur Collins
  • Silver Heels Arthur Pryor
  • Everybody Works but Father Billy Murray
  • What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Round? Arthur Collins
  • I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough Andrew Keefe
  • Oh Promise Me Bohumir Kryl
  • Why Can't a Girl Be a Soldier W. H. Thompson
  • Blue Danube Waltz Sousa's Band
  • A Gay Gossoon Vess Ossman
  • American Patrol Charles Lowe
  • Is Your Mother In, Molly Malone Billy Murray
  • I'm the Only Star That Twinkles on Broadway Ada Jones
  • Stars and Stripes Forever March Sousa's Band
  • Little Johnny Jones Medley Vess Ossman
  • Yankee Land Vess Ossman
  • Can't You See I'm Lonely Ada Jones
  • Hiram Green, Goodbye Billy Murray
  • Boceta de Rapé Mário Pinheiro
  • Les blondes Fragson
  • El Barberillo de Lavapiés Colombini
  • The Thunderer March Sousa's Band
  • O Morning Land! Anthony and Harrison
  • Nobody Arthur Collins
  • In Timbuctoo Billy Murray
  • The Golden Wedding Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Sweethearts in Every Town Billy Murray
  • Largo (Handel) Charles D'Almaine
  • High School Cadets' March Charles Adams Prince
  • Caro Nome Dame Nellie Melba
  • When Father Laid the Carpet on the Stairs Billy Murray
  • Keep a Little Cosey Corner of Your Heart For Me Ada Jones
  • The Bells Albert Benzler
  • Around the Camp Fire in The Philippines Columbia Quintette
  • Moon Dear Frank Stanley
  • How Matt Got the Mitten Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Parody on "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" Billy Murray
  • The Jolly Coppersmith Arthur Pryor
  • Grandfather's Clock Haydn Quartet
  • Les jaloux Fragson
  • Killarney George Alexander
  • Lazy Moon Billy Murray and Haydn Quartet
  • À la cabane bambou Félix Mayol
  • The Holy City Haydn Quartet
  • Skylarks Concert Polka Frank S. Mazziotta
  • The Birds Minnie Emmett
  • Two Little Girls, Loved One Little Boy Byron G. Harlan
  • Comin' Thro' the Rye Ruth Vincent
  • I Want Some One to Call Me Honey Bob Roberts
  • Casey Taking the Census John Kaiser
  • La noce d'Isabelle Polin
  • I've Something in the Bottle for the Morning Harry Lauder
  • Why Don't They Play With Me? Byron G. Harlan
  • Coax Me Medley Edison Military Band
  • Good Night Waltz Edison Military Band
  • Black Diamond Express March Edison Military Band
  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together Bob Roberts
  • I Love a Lassie (My Scotch Bluebell) Harry Lauder
  • Mosquito Parade Vess Ossman
  • T'aint the Kind of Grub I've Been Gettin Down Home Bob Roberts
  • Every Dollar Carries Troubles of It's Own Bob Roberts
  • Uncle's Quit Work Too Bob Roberts
  • What's the Matter with the Mail Arthur Collins
  • The Auto Race Edison Concert Band
  • Ev'ry Little Bit Helps Arthur Collins
  • Longing for You Byron G. Harlan
  • It Makes Me Think of Home, Sweet Home Byron G. Harlan
  • Yankee Patrol Edison Concert Band
  • Belle of the Philippines Edison Concert Band
  • Paddy's Day Billy Murray
  • Everybody Works But Father Bob Roberts
  • Happy Heinie March Edison Military Band
  • Wait 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie Byron G. Harlan
  • In the Baggage Coach Ahead J. W. Myers
  • Abraham Arthur Collins
  • Starlight Byron G. Harlan
  • Killarney From Rogers Bros. "In Ireland" Albert Benzler
  • My Carolina Lady Ada Jones
  • My Word Ada Jones
  • The Professor and the Musical Tramp Len Spencer and Parke Hunter
  • Siciliana Enrico Caruso
  • While the Leaves Came Drifting Down Dudley and Macdonough
  • Ev'ry Little Bit Helps Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Since Nellie Went Away Edison Male Quartette
  • Please Come and Play in My Yard Ada Jones
  • Antony and Cleopatra Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Fishing Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • I've Got My Fingers Crossed; You Can't Touch Me Byron G. Harlan
  • Remma ja remma Pasi Jääskeläinen
  • Sing, Smile, Slumber Bohumir Kryl

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