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1906 in music


  • Buffalo Rag Vess Ossman
  • Nobody Bert Williams
  • Razzazza Mazzazza Arthur Pryor
  • Let It Alone Bert Williams
  • You're a Grand Old Rag Billy Murray
  • St. Louis Tickle Ossman-Dudley Trio
  • St. Louis Tickle Vess Ossman
  • American Cake Walk John J. Kimmel
  • Here It Comes Again Bert Williams
  • Everybody Have a Good Old Time Arthur Collins
  • College Life Billy Murray
  • Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night Henry Burr
  • A Gay Gossoon Vess Ossman
  • Trovatore: Di quella pira/Ballo in Maschera: Barcarola Di tu se fedele Enrico Caruso
  • Traviata: Brindisi/Trovatore: Di quella pira Enrico Caruso
  • If Washington Should Come to Life Billy Murray
  • My Old Kentucky Home Haydn Quartet
  • Medley of Reels (No.2) John J. Kimmel
  • He's a Cousin of Mine Bert Williams
  • Bryllup i Valders Adolf Østbye
  • Moving Day Bob Roberts
  • Dixie Land Stanley and Harlan
  • Cheyenne- Shy Ann Billy Murray
  • Keep on the Sunny Side Byron G. Harlan
  • Spoontime Chris Chapman
  • Let Me Like a Soldier Fall George Alexander
  • What's the Use of Knocking When a Man Is Down? Arthur Collins
  • In the Golden Autumn Time, My Sweet Elaine Stanley and Harlan
  • My Little Dutch Colleen Ada Jones
  • The Moon Has His Eyes on You Ada Jones
  • I Remember You Ada Jones
  • Dearie Albert Benzler
  • Romance tyrolienne Dranem
  • Gypsy Love Song Eugene Cowles
  • Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes Edward M. Favor
  • So Long, Mary Ada Jones
  • Le trou de mon quai Dranem
  • In Happy Moments Alan Turner
  • Waiting at the Church (Vesta Victoria's Success) Ada Jones
  • Nothing Like That in Our Family Billy Murray
  • Joy to the World Edison Concert Band
  • Manhattan Beach March Edison Military Band
  • I'd Rather Be on the Outside Looking In Bob Roberts
  • Why Don't You Write When You Don't Need Money? Bob Roberts
  • The Irish American March Columbia Orchestra
  • Flee as a Bird George Alexander
  • 10th Regiment March Edison Military Band
  • Peaches and Cream Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Is There Any Room in Heaven for a Little Girl Like Me Byron G. Harlan
  • Because You're You Miss Stevenson & Mr. Macdonough
  • Belle of the East Albert Benzler
  • Song of the Nations Edward Meeker
  • Have You Seen My Henry Brown? Ada Jones
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis Billy Murray
  • Jessamine Arthur Collins
  • Bright Eyes Good-Bye Byron G. Harlan
  • In the Sweet Bye and Bye George Alexander
  • Dearie George Alexander
  • I Surrender All Edison Mixed Quartet
  • When the Whip-Poor-Will Sings Marguerite Henry Burr
  • Dixie Girl Ossman-Dudley Trio
  • Les blondes Fragson
  • Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie Harry Tally
  • My Mariuccia Take-a-Steamboat Billy Murray
  • Happy Birds Waltz Joe Belmont
  • Uncle Josh in a Department Store Andrew Keefe
  • Uncle Josh at the Roller Skating Rink Cal Stewart
  • Waltz of the Roses Edison Symphony Orchestra
  • Nas Horas Mortas da Noite Mário Pinheiro
  • I Was Just Supposing Corrine Morgan and Frank Stanley
  • Hottentot Love Song Ada Jones
  • Captain Baby Bunting Byron G. Harlan
  • When a Poor Realtion Comes to Town Arthur Collins
  • He's Nobody's Friend, Not Even His Own Arthur Collins
  • The Parson and the Turkey Arthur Collins
  • My Name Is Morgan but It Ain't J.P. Bob Roberts
  • Iola Edison Military Band
  • Is Everybody Happy - Medley Edison Military Band
  • Not Because Your Hair is Curly Harry Macdonough
  • Traveling Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan
  • Just a Little Rrocking Chair and You Ada Jones
  • You Can't Give Your Heart to Somebody Else and Still Hold Hands With Me Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Football Frank Williams
  • When the Mocking Birds Are Singing in the Wildwood Frank Stanley
  • I Don't Know Where I'm Goin', But I'm On My Way Arthur Collins
  • One Called "Mother" and the Other "Home, Sweet Home" Byron G. Harlan
  • The Good Old U.S.A. Byron G. Harlan
  • The Chaser March Albert Benzler
  • Mandy and Her Man Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Sister Frank Stanley
  • It's All Right in the Summer Time Ada Jones
  • Henny Klein Ada Jones
  • Edison Advertising Record Len Spencer
  • Coming Home from Coney Island Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Courtship of Barney and Eileen Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • I'm Tired of Eating at Restaurants Bert Williams
  • Virginia Song Ada Jones
  • Love Me and the World Is Mine Harry Anthony
  • Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes Dudley and Macdonough
  • Bashful Henry and His Lovin' Lucy Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes Edward M. Favour
  • Uncle Josh and the Labor Unions Cal Stewart
  • Down Where the Sil'vry Mohawk Flows Frank Stanley
  • Fritz and Louisa Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • On the Rocky Road to Dublin Arthur Pryor
  • God Be With You Till We Meet Again Haydn Quartet
  • Let the Lower Lights Be Burning Harry Anthony and James Harrison

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