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1907 in music:


  • Maple Leaf Rag Vess Ossman
  • Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba Enrico Caruso
  • Oh, Dry Those Tears Arthur Pryor
  • Street Piano Medley August Molinari
  • Sunflower Dance/Kiss Me Honey Do Vess Ossman/Charles Lowe
  • Eli Green's Cake Walk Vess Ossman
  • San Antonio Billy Murray
  • School Days Byron G. Harlan
  • Pretzel Pete Vess Ossman
  • On San Francisco Bay Billy Murray
  • Motor March Vess Ossman
  • Popularity Vess Ossman
  • Florida Rag Vess Ossman
  • Pickles and Peppers March/Preacher and the Bear, Grotesque Ragtime Two-Step Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • Ragged Thoughts Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • A tanto amor (La Favorita) Mario Ancona
  • Take Me Back to New York Town Billy Murray
  • Fancy Little Nancy Ada Jones
  • Rigoletto - Caro nome Dame Nellie Melba
  • Harrigan Billy Murray
  • Under Any Old Flag at All Billy Murray
  • He Goes to Church on Sunday Billy Murray
  • Celia Thomas Mills
  • Poor John Ada Jones
  • Red Wing (An Indian Fable) Henry Burr & Frank Stanley
  • Élégie Emma Eames
  • Silver Heels Vess Ossman
  • Nobody's Little Girl Byron G. Harlan
  • Lilas Blanc Félix Mayol
  • Die Holzhackerbuam Anton Günther
  • Red Wing Frederick H. Potter
  • No Wedding Bells for Me Billy Murray
  • Iola Stanley and Harlan
  • Red Wing Dudley and Macdonough
  • Armorer's Song Eugene Cowles
  • L'Africana - O Paradiso! Enrico Caruso
  • Quand on a travaillé Victor Lejal
  • Pedro, The Hand Organ Man Len Spencer
  • El gallego y el genovéz Arturo de Nava
  • She's the Fairest Little Flower Dear Old Dixie Ever Grew Henry Burr & Frank Stanley
  • Dixie Blossoms Thomas Mills
  • I'm Tying the Leaves So They Won't Come Down Byron G. Harlan
  • Who? Me? Billy Murray
  • Schoolday Frolics Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Love's Menu Intermezzo Thomas Mills
  • He Lost Her in the Subway Ada Jones
  • Oakleigh Quick-Step Olly Oakley
  • Honey Boy Billy Murray
  • Dill Pickles Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • The 74th Regiment March Edison Military Band
  • The Bird on Nellie's Hat Helen Trix
  • Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Peacemaker March Arthur Pryor
  • The Sunflower Dance Fred Van Eps
  • Let It Alone Ada Jones
  • Old Faithful Indestructible Military Band
  • Sonoma Edison Venetian Trio
  • Its Part of a Policeman's Duty Vesta Tilley
  • Meet Me Sweet Kathleen in Honeysuckle Time Manuel Romain
  • Second Regiment Connecticut National Guard March Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • My Bonnie Rose Columbia Quartet
  • Elle est à Carcassonne Victor Lejal
  • Le Zipholo Victor Lejal
  • Ain't You Coming Back to Old New Hampshire, Molly? Columbia Quartet
  • Cherry Hill Jerry Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • In the Gloaming George Alexander
  • Take Me Around Again Billy Murray
  • Burying the Hatchet Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? Reed Miller
  • Gallant Fifth March Zon-o-Phone Concert Band
  • Lullaby Corinne Morgan
  • Take Me Back to New York Town Billy Murray
  • New Colonial March Arthur Pryor
  • No Wedding Bells for Me Bob Roberts
  • I Get Dippy When I Do That Two-Step Dance Arthur Collins
  • I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave Ada Jones
  • My Irish Rosie Ada Jones
  • Ta, ta, au revoir, I'm Goin' to Go Ada Jones
  • He Never Even Said Goodbye Ada Jones
  • Save a Little Money for a Rainy Day Edward Meeker
  • Flanagan at the Tailor's Steve Porter
  • I Like Your Way Harry Macdonough
  • The Blue Jay and Thrush Byron Harlan & Joe Belmont
  • Jack and Jill Ada Jones
  • The Record Edison Military Band
  • Iola Intermezzo Thomas Mills
  • He Handed Me a Lemon Bob Roberts
  • I've Got a Vacant Room for You Bob Roberts
  • Won't You Be My Honey Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Joyce's 71st New York Regiment March Edison Military Band
  • Wouldn't You Like To Have Me for a Sweetheart Ada Jones
  • I'm in Love With the Slide Trombone Ada Jones
  • Leaf by Leaf the Roses Fall Haydn Quartet
  • Flanagan at the Barber's Steve Porter
  • Hamlet, Mad Scene- Part 1 Dame Nellie Melba
  • Flanagan's Troubles in a Restaurant Steve Porter
  • Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison

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