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1909 in music


  • Miserere from Il Trovatore/Spring Song Arthur Pryor and Emil Keneke/Victor String Quartet
  • Sterling Castle and Harvest Home William Craig
  • You Ain't Talking to Me Eddie Morton
  • I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew Eddie Morton
  • Frozen Bill Arthur Pryor
  • Black and White/The Land of the Swallows Victor Orchestra/Clarke and Lyons
  • Serenade (Schubert) D'Almaine & Lyons
  • To the End of the World With You Henry Burr
  • Shine On, Harvest Moon Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Indian Intermezzo John J. Kimmel
  • I've Got Rings on My Fingers Ada Jones
  • American Patrol New York Military Band
  • My Old Kentucky Home Knickerbocker Quartette
  • Shine On, Harvest Moon Henry Burr & Frank Stanley
  • Prologue from Pagliacci Thomas Chalmers
  • Beautiful Eyes Ada Jones
  • Loe loe ja Moe Willy Derby
  • Mamma mia, che vó sapè? Enrico Caruso
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Manuel Romain
  • Black and White Rag American Symphony Orchestra
  • Hoop-E-Kack Vess Ossman
  • Tosca: E lucevan le stelle Leo Slezak
  • Aida (Verdi) Final Duet, Part II Enrico Caruso
  • My Old Kentucky Home Peerless Quartet
  • William Tell Overture (Part I - At Dawn) / William Tell Overture (Part II - The Storm) Arthur Pryor
  • Love and Devotion Venetian Instrumental Trio
  • Oh Paradise! Evan Williams
  • Sweet Miss Mary Carroll Clark
  • Keep Off the Grass Fred Van Eps
  • Only a Pansy Blossom Will Oakland
  • The Sweetest Gal in Town Edward Meeker
  • My Old Kentucky Home Edison Concert Band
  • The Heart of Ninon Florence Hinkle
  • Sally in Our Alley Whitney Brothers Quartet
  • Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Arthur S. Witcomb
  • Blue Feather Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Bear's Oil Billy Golden and Joe Hughes
  • Flower Song/Prize Song Stehl, Henneberg and Surth/Prince's Orchestra
  • Idilio/Tryolean Echoes Prince's Orchestra/Stehl-Henneberg-Schuetz Trio
  • My Pretty Little Piece of Dresden China Bessie Wynn
  • Selection From the Prima Donna American Symphony Orchestra
  • Selection From Woodland American Symphony Orchestra
  • Jimmie and Maggie at the "Merry Widow" Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Good Evening, Caroline Billy Murray
  • Czardas Rita Villa
  • Gondolier Fred Van Eps and Albert Benzler
  • Come, Josephine, In My Flying Machine Ada Jones and Henry Burr
  • Dance of the Hours New York Military Band
  • Go Easy Mabel Edward Meeker
  • Hornpipe Rag Arthur Collins
  • Los cielos se enturbecieron/Por no saber lo que hacerle La Serrana/Manuel Torre
  • He Was a Wonderful Man Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • I Wish I Had a Girl Billy Murray
  • The Summer Girl Sousa's Band
  • Now I Have to Call Him Father Ada Jones
  • Silver Threads Among the Gold Will Oakland
  • How Mother Made the Soup Charley Case
  • The Traveling Salesman Empire Vaudeville Company
  • Medley of Popular Songs August Schmehl
  • Lily of the Prairie Pete Murray
  • Grandma's Mustard Plaster Murray K. Hill
  • American Beauties Indestructible Military Band
  • Wild Cherries Rag Zon-o-phone Orchestra
  • Akahi hoi Toots Paka's Hawaiians
  • Memories of Galilee Knickerbocker Quartette
  • Nightingale and the Frog/Bride of the Waves Clement Barone/Herbert L. Clarke
  • Lasca Edgar L. Davenport
  • The Bird With the Broken Wing Edison Mixed Quartet
  • You Can Look and You Can Listen but M-U-M's the Word Ada Jones
  • Meet Me in Rosetime Rosie/That's What the Rose Said to Me Stanley and Harlan/Henry Burr
  • I Wish't I Was in Heaven Sittin' Down Edward Meeker
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Billy Murray
  • Three Dances From "Henry VIII" Edison Concert Band
  • Ancient Court Whisperings Albert Benzler
  • Who's Your Friend? Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan
  • 4th of July in Jayville Center Stanley and Harlan
  • Moonlight Bay Peerless Quartet
  • Manhattan Beach & El Capitan Marches Sousa's Band
  • Carrie (Carrie Marry Harry) Billy Murray
  • Keep Away From the Fellow Who Owns an Automobile Ada Jones
  • Experiences in the Show Business/Foolish Questions Charley Case/Billy Murray
  • Wild Cherries Schmehl
  • My Wife's to the Country: Hurrah! Hurrah! Edward M. Favour
  • The Palms Harry Macdonough
  • Lincoln Centennial March U.S. Marine Band
  • Make a Noise Like a Hoop and Roll Away Ada Jones
  • Angel's Dream New York Military Band
  • Dublin Daisies New York Military Band
  • Angels from the Realms of Glory Edison Concert Band
  • In Cairo New York Military Band
  • Forgotten Melodies Alexander Prince
  • Little Flatterer Edison Concert Band
  • Willie's Got Another Girl Now Ada Jones
  • Can't You See I Love You Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Ever of Thee Peter Dawson and Ernest Pike
  • Rainbow Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Diabolo New York Military Band
  • Juanita Metropolitan Quartet
  • The Marathon New York Military Band
  • Can't You Take It Back and Change It for a Boy Byron G. Harlan
  • What Makes the World Go Round Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • In God We Trust U.S. Marine Band
  • Flanagan & His Money Steve Porter
  • Arab Love Song Ada Jones
  • Whistle and I'll Wait for You Ada Jones
  • Goodbye Molly Brown Ada Jones
  • Isn't Love a Grand Old Thing Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • I Can't Say You're the Only One Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • When We Are M-A-R-R-I-E-D Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Won't You Even Say, Hello Byron G. Harlan
  • Just Some One Manuel Romain
  • Superba Lancers New York Military Band
  • When the Evening Bells Are Chiming Songs of Auld Lang Syne Manuel Romain
  • When the Bloom Is on the Cotton, Dixie Lee Manuel Romain
  • I'm Glad I'm a Boy and I'm Glad I'm a Girl Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • When the Humming Birds Return Stanley and Harlan
  • The Father of Victory [Père la victoire] August Schmehl
  • Love's Old Sweet Song August Schmehl
  • Wild Cherries August Schmehl
  • Oh, You Kid Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • I'm Looking for a Sweetheart and I Think You'll Do Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • A Bowery Flirtation Ada Jones and Len Spencer
  • Annie Laurie Knickerbocker Quartette
  • Sweet Peace, The Gift of God's Love Edison Mixed Quartet
  • Choruses of Six Popular Songs Peerless Quartet
  • Little Charmer August Schmehl
  • Pass dat possum August Schmehl
  • Under the Double Eagle Sousa's Band
  • Friendship Gavotte August Schmehl
  • Whiter Than Snow Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison
  • Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet Haydn Quartet

Albums ReleasedEdit

  • The Nutcracker Palace Theatre Orchestra/Herman Finck

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