Music in 1910

Singles releasedEdit

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Fisk Jubilee Singers

Jerusalem Mournin'  Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette

The Bonnie Blue Flag Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette

Carry Me Back to Tennessee Carroll Clark

What a Time Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette

Loch Lomond Elizabeth Wheeler

Little David, Play On Yo' Harp Fisk Jubilee Singers

Life's a Funny Proposition After All George M. Cohan

That Lovin' Rag Sophie Tucker

Laughing Song Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette

The Wedding of Sandy McNab Harry Lauder

Karaharapriya - Athi Brahma Sri Tiruchendur Appadurai Aiyengar

Wild Cherries Rag Victor Orchestra

Come Along My Mandy Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth

Cloud Chief Vess Ossman

By the Light of the Silvery Moon Ada Jones

Come Back to Erin John McCormack

When You Marry a Girl for Looks Fred Duprez

Dill Pickles Rag Arthur Pryor

There Is a Balm in Gilead Fisk Jubilee Singers

Rueben Rag Sophie Tucker

Silver Bell Ada Jones and Billy Murray

My Hero Lucy Isabelle Marsh

I Love a Lassie Harry Lauder

Stop Your Tickling, Jock! Harry Lauder

The Grizzly Bear Arthur Collins

Toronto Jig Olly Oakley

Just Before the Battle, Mother Will Oakland

Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? Ada Jones

Temptation Rag Arthur Pryor

Old Dog Tray/Village Blacksmith Carroll Clark/William McDonald

Il fior che avevi a me John McCormack

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Stanley and Harlan

By the Light of the Silvery Moon Peerless Quartet

Any Little Girl, That's a Nice Little Girl, Is the Right Little Girl for Me Ada Jones

I've Got the Time, I've Got the Place, but It's Hard to Find the Girl/The Railroad Section Gang Henry Burr/Peerless Quartet

Trésor caché Adolphe Bérard

Sweet Adeline/Arab Love Song Haydn Quartet/Harry Macdonough

Hiding in Thee Harry Anthony and James Harrison

Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon Ada Jones

Reviens Fragson

The Star-Spangled Banner U.S. Marine Band

Stop That Rag Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan

Sword Dance/B-Whip and Spur John J. Kimmel/Vess Ossman

Silver Bell Henry Burr & Frank Stanley

Rosa Rosetta Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth

Alpine Rose Charles Daab

Farintosh and Jenny Dang the Weaver William Craig

The Ragtime Drummer Howard Kopp

On the Road to Mandalay Robert Howe

Turkey in the Straw Medley Vess Ossman

When the Sun Turns the Ocean's Blue Gold Byron G. Harlan

Torchlight Parade Olly Oakley

When Shadows Gather John McCormack

It's Moonlight All the Time on Broadway Billy Murray

What's the Matter with Father? Billy Murray

Trip to the County Fair Premier Quartet

Highland Whiskey and Craig's Reel William Craig

Silver Threads Among the Gold Frank Coombs

That Lovin' Two-Step Man Sophie Tucker

Emmaline Ada Jones and Billy Murray

I Hear You Calling Me John McCormack

She Is My Daisy Harry Lauder

It's Moonlight All the Time on Broadway Walter Van Brunt

Officer of the Day and the Hurricane Two-Step National Promenade Band

I Must Go Home To-Night Billy Williams

Strawberries Arthur Collins

When I Get Back Again to Bonnie Scotland Harry Lauder

Come Along My Mandy Ada Jones and Billy Murray

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Peerless Quartet

Old Jim's Christmas Hymn Anthony and Harrison

Casey Jones Peerless Quartet

One Sweetly Solemn Thought Knickerbocker Quartette

American Patrol U.S. Military Band

Santa Lucia James Reed

I'm Looking for a Nice Young Fellow Who Is Looking for a Nice Girl Ada Jones

The Birlin' Reels James Scott Skinner

Cradle Song James Scott Skinner

Sorella March/Patrol Comique Guido Gialdini/Darius Lyons

Cocoanut Dance Indestructible Military Band

The Minstrel Boy John McCormack

Annie Laurie John McCormack

Killarney John McCormack

The Snowy Breasted Pearl John McCormack

Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? Nora Bayes

Give My Regards to Mable Fred Duprez

Indian Summer Indestructible Military Band

L-O-V-E Spells Trouble to Me Arthur Collins

Swallows Waltz Lucy Isabelle Marsh

Song of Brown October Ale Frank Stanley

Phoebe Jane Frank Coombs

Bachelor's Button Sousa's Band

The Dancing Girl Sousa's Band

Bonnie Leezie Lindsay Harry Lauder

Come After Breakfast Arthur Collins

Medley of German Polkas John J. Kimmel

The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick's Day Billy Murray

That Railroad Rag Edward Meeker

International and Fans Marches John J. Kimmel

Moonlight in Jungleland New York Military Band

The Smiler Rag New York Military Band

The Belle of the Barber's Ball Ada Jones and Billy Murray

Rise and Shine Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette

Carolina Brown Indestructible Military Band

Do They Think of Me at Home? Manhattan Mixed Trio

Good-Bye Betty Brown Harry Tally

I'm the Man They're Looking For Edward M. Favour

El Capitan March Band [ Silvertone Records ]

Rose of Schiras Waltz Sousa's Band

Over the Waves Waltz New York Military Band

Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet Byron G. Harlan

Carrie Marry Harry Walter Van Brunt

Liberty Bell March Indestructible Military Band

Columbus New York Military Band

American Students New York Military Band

King Karl New York Military Band

Wild Cherries Edward Meeker

Put on Your Slippers, You're in for the Night Ada Jones

Liberty Bell March New York Military Band

I Wish I Had a Pal Like You Ada Jones

Oh You Blondy Ada Jones

My Dad's Dinner Pail Ada Jones

Irish Blood Ada Jones

Before I Go and Marry I Will Have a Talk With You Ada Jones

Carolina Minstrels No.3 Peerless Quartet

There Is a Green Hill Far Away Henry Burr

The Girl with the Brogue Ada Jones

Sheridan's Ride Edgar L. Davenport

When the Robins Nest Again Will Oakland

If Dreams Are True Will Oakland

Mr. Editor, How Do You Know Ada Jones

Redhead Ada Jones

Uncle Josh's Second Visit to the Metropolis Cal Stewart

Directorate March Band [ Silvertone Records ]

Monologue on Married Life Murry K. Hill

Ludwig's Air Castle Ada Jones and Len Spencer

Return of the Arkansas Traveler Ada Jones and Len Spencer

Sunshine in My Soul Edison Mixed Quartet

I Am Longing for the Old Days, Marguerite Manuel Romain

Comic Epitaphs Billy Golden and Joe Hughes

The Peerless Minstrels Peerless Quartet

When the Mists Have Rolled Away Harry Anthony and James Harrison

Popular Medley No.4 / Popular Medley No.5 Arthur Pryor

Popular Medley No. 3 / Love's Caprice Arthur Pryor/William Reitz

Conversations Edward M. Favor

Wonderful Words of Life Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison

Je veux la voir Bach

Other EventsEdit

  • Claude Debussy composes Petite pièce for clarinet and Orchestra
  • Franz Léhar Zigeunerliebe writes the operetta
  • Jules Massenet writes the opera Don Quichotte
  • Writes the Giacomo Puccini opera La Fanciulla del West
  • Percy Aldridge Grainger wrote his version of Shallow Brown


  • 27 March: the Dithyramb Ture Rangströms
  • 30 March: Christian Sindings Tre blomstersange
  • 7 april: Johan Halvorsens music at Agilulf den vise is in Oslo to hear
  • 5 may: Johan Halvorsens Norway's greeting to Theodore Roosevelt
  • 4 november: Frank Bridges Three sketches for piano
  • 17 november: Frank Bridges Five entr'actes (incidental music)
  • 26 november: Hjalmar Borgstrøms Sørgemarsch til minde to Johan Selmer
  • 3 december: Hjalmar Borgstrøms Piano concert

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