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1912 in music


  • From the Land of Sky Blue Water (Four American Indian Songs) Alma Gluck
  • Dallas Blues Hart A. Wand
  • Why the Trusts and Bosses Oppose the Progressive Party Theodore Roosevelt
  • Red Pepper- A Spicy Rag Fred Van Eps
  • That Haunting Melody Al Jolson
  • Whispering Hope Alma Gluck & Louise Homer
  • Alexander's Ragtime Band Medley Fred Van Eps
  • Dixie Medley Fred Van Eps
  • Asthore John McCormack
  • Snap Your Fingers Al Jolson
  • My Laddie Alma Gluck
  • Rigoletto Quartet - Bella figlia dell' amore (Fairest Daughter of the Graces) (Act III) The Victor Opera Quartet
  • My Sumurun Girl Fred Van Eps
  • Roamin' in the Gloamin' Harry Lauder
  • The Other Department,Please ! Fragson
  • Un vrai croyant Montéhus
  • Liebestraum Victor Herbert
  • Casey Jones Billy Murray
  • Brass Band Ephraham Jones/That Society Bear Al Jolson/Walter Van Brunt
  • Maurice Tango/Dance of the Hours Fred Van Eps/William Reitz
  • When I Get You Alone Tonight Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Aloha Oe Waltzes Charles Adams Prince
  • Another Rag/Smile a While American Quartet/Walter Van Brunt
  • Whistle It Ada Jones
  • Serenata (The Serenade) Alma Gluck
  • Persiflage/My Regards Waltz Fred Van Eps/William Reitz
  • Grizzly Bear Rag Orchester Palais de danse
  • Cradle Song Elsie Baker
  • Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Joseph Phillips
  • The Band of Gideon Fisk Jubilee Singers
  • Pêcheurs de Perles - Au fond du temple saint: Act 1 [Georges Bizet] Edmond Clément & Marcel Journet
  • Aunt Dinah's Golden Wedding Empire Vaudeville Company
  • The Rolling Stone/That Mysterious Rag William F. Hooley/American Quartet
  • Ragtime Cowboy Joe Edward Meeker
  • Luella Lee Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • Mr. Dream Man Arthur Pryor
  • Ragtime Violin Premier Quartet
  • Rigoletto Quartette/Trovatore Selection Bohumir Kryl/Vessella's Italian Band
  • Amoureuse Waltz Sousa's Band
  • The Wedding Glide Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Music Vot's Music Must Come From Berlin Maurice Burkhart
  • King Chanticleer - March Two-Step/Texas Tommy Swing Arthur Pryor's Band/American Quartet
  • Money Musk Medley National Promenade Band
  • Air des dix-sept bénédictions en hébreu Various Artists
  • Faust. Que Voulez-Vous, Messieurs! Agnes Kimball
  • Roll Jordan Roll Fisk Jubilee Singers
  • Żyd w beczce Orkiestra Wiejska Syrena Record
  • Pickaninny's Lullaby Elsie Baker
  • Oh, Mr. Dream Man Ada Jones
  • Kentucky Days Billy Murray
  • On the Mississippi Billy Murray
  • La chanson de la France Adolphe Bérard
  • Mysterious Moon Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Grizzly Bear Beka-Orchester
  • Tell Mother I'll Be There James F. Harrison and the Mixed Quartette
  • Nonsense/At the Ragtime Ball Billy Murray/Peerless Quartet
  • I'm Afraid, Pretty Maid, I'm Afraid Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • My Sumuran Girl Arthur Collins
  • That Flying Rag Arthur Pryor
  • Paraphrase on "De Lorelei" Prince's Orchestra
  • Scotch Medley March Sutcliffe Troupe
  • Mandy, Come Out in the Pale Moonlight Walter Van Brunt
  • Peter on the Sea Fisk Jubilee Singers
  • Black Diamond Rag/Irish and Scotch Melodies Fred Van Eps/William Reitz
  • The Glory Song Anthony and Harrison and Edison Mixed Quartet
  • Moonlight Bay American Quartet
  • Deiro Rag Guido Deiro
  • The Star of the East Anthony and Harrison
  • My Uncle's Farm Billy Golden and Joe Hughes
  • Down By the Old Mill Stream W. H. Thompson
  • Everything's at Home Except Your Wife/Hitchy Koo Billy Murray/American Quartet
  • Oh! You Circus Day Stella Mayhew
  • The Turkey Trot Winner Ragtime Band
  • Trolley Car Swing/Rum Tum Tiddle Eddie Morton/Arthur Collins
  • King Chanticleer National Promenade Band
  • Chargez! Adolphe Bérard
  • Heureux Piou-Piou Dréan
  • The 79th Highlanders' Farewell to Gibraltar Sutcliffe Troupe
  • Row! Row! Row! Ada Jones
  • I'm the Guy Billy Murray
  • I Should Worry Ada Jones
  • Moving Man, Don't Take My Baby Away Al Jolson
  • The Village Band Walter Van Brunt
  • Long, Long Ago Julius Spindler
  • Alexander's Bagpipe Band Billy Murray
  • That Slippery Slide Trombone/Ragtime Cowboy Joe American Quartet/Bob Roberts
  • Angostura Billy Whitlock
  • The Ameer Victor Herbert
  • "Hi" and "Si" of Jaytown Steve Porter and Byron G. Harlan
  • Gaby Glide Arthur Pryor
  • A Woodland Serenade Edison Concert Band
  • Peggy Gray Manuel Romain
  • Heimweh (Longing for Home) Venetian Instrumental Quartet


  • Rigoletto Jean Noté; Aline Vallandri; Robert Lassalle; Pierre Dupré; Ketty Lapeyrette; Orchestre de l'Opéra-comique de Paris, François Ruhlmann

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