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1913 in music


  • You Made Me Love You Al Jolson
  • Whipped Cream/Everybody's Doing It Now Fred Van Eps/Guido Diero
  • When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Chauncey Olcott
  • Peg O' My Heart Charles Harrison
  • Lo, Here the Gentle Lark Alma Gluck
  • Where the River Shannon Flows John McCormack
  • Nobody Bert Williams
  • Last Night Was the End of the World Henry Burr
  • Borrow from Me Bert Williams
  • All Night Long Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • My Wild Irish Rose Chauncey Olcott
  • Florida Rag/La Kraquette Van Eps Trio/William H. Reitz
  • Bagdad Billy Murray
  • All Night Long Anna Chandler
  • The Bridge Knickerbocker Quartette
  • Alexander's Ragtime Band Fred Van Eps
  • In My Harem Billy Murray
  • The Wee Hoose Mang the Heather Harry Lauder
  • Melinda's Wedding Day/Row, Row, Row Collins and Harlan/American Quartet
  • Tunis - Meditation Mischa Elman
  • All Night Long Elsie Baker
  • Ever Since You Told Me That You Loved Me (I'm a Nut! I'm a Nut!) Eddie Morton
  • Snow Deer Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • At the Mill Bohumir Kryl
  • Liebestrick Orchester Palais de danse
  • Kiss Me My Honey Kiss Me Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Whistling Jim Ada Jones
  • That Little German Band Al Jolson
  • The Spaniard That Blighted My Life Al Jolson
  • Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morn Harry Lauder
  • The Whistler and His Dog Arthur Pryor
  • Notre Président Fragson
  • Hungarian Rag New York Military Band
  • Red Wing Frederic H. Potter and New York Military Band
  • Love's Smile Waltz Guido Gialdini
  • The Swallows Alma Gluck
  • Too Much Mustard Victor Military Band
  • The Same as His Faither Was Before Him Harry Lauder
  • Morse Medley Fred Van Eps
  • Adele Elizabeth Spencer
  • That Old Girl of Mine/In Banjo Land American Quartet/Peerless Quartet
  • Flanagan's Irish Jubilee Steve Porter
  • Ah! c'qu'ons'aimait... Fragson
  • Hello ! Hello ! Who's Your Lady Friend ? Fragson
  • En avant les p'tits gars Fragson
  • Mimi-Taxi Fragson
  • Sans qu'on le veuille Fragson
  • Lvi Silon Bohumir Kryl
  • Abide with Me Alma Gluck
  • Waiting Down by the Mississippi Shore Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • Who Puts Me in My Little Bed Ada Jones
  • Silver Star Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Down in Dear Old New Orleans Premier Quartet
  • Darling Nellie Gray Metropolitan Quartet
  • We're Tenting Tonight Knickerbocker Quartette
  • And the Green Grass Grew All Around Walter Van Brunt
  • You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It) Anna Chandler
  • Favorite Airs from "The Geisha" Edison Light Opera Company
  • Put on Your Slippers, You're in for the Night Ada Jones
  • Whistling Jim Peerless Quartet
  • Waltz Samuel Siegel and Roy Butin
  • Lullaby from "Erminie"/The Message of The Violet Elsie Baker/Olive Kline
  • Gems from "Il Trovatore" Victor Opera Company
  • She's the Lass for Me Harry Lauder
  • Si ton coeur est à moi Junka
  • Czardas Rita Villa
  • La golondrina (The Swallow)/La paloma (The Dove) Carlos Francisco
  • Come Back to Erin/Lullaby Metropolitan Quartet/Elizabeth Spencer
  • Sleepy Chile Elsie Baker
  • Down by the Old Mill Stream Vernon Archibald
  • In the Shadow of the Pines Vernon Archibald and Royal Fish
  • Is My Name Written There? Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison
  • The Yiddisha Professor Maurice Burkhart
  • You Can't Play Every Instrument in the Orchestra Maurice Burkhart
  • Kling-Klang Robert Ward
  • Here Comes My Daddy Now National Promenade Band
  • Who Were You With Last Night? Stanley Kirkby
  • What Do You Mean You Lost Your Dog? Ed Morton
  • Face to Face Helen Clark
  • Good-Bye 'Till We Meet Again Harry Lauder
  • Little Flatterer William H. Reitz
  • Where Did You Get That Girl? Billy Murray
  • Waiting Down by the Mississippi Shore Campbell and Gilette
  • Wait Till I'm As Old As Father Billy Williams
  • Sally in Our Alley Charles Compton
  • As I Sat Upon My Dear Old Mother's Knee Will Oakland
  • All Aboard for Blanket Bay Harry Anthony and James Harrison
  • William Tell Fantasie Charles Daab
  • Bells of Christmas Edison Concert Band
  • The Bells of St. Malo National Military Band
  • I Hope I Don't Intrude Charles Daab
  • Any Girl Looks Good in Summer Walter Van Brunt
  • Hotel Porter and the Traveling Salesman Billy Golden and Joe Hughes
  • Dixieland Kapelle Meschugge
  • Jere Sanford's Yodling & Whistling Specialty Jere Sanford
  • The Washington Post March Sousa's Band
  • Praise Ye Bohumir Kryl
  • Na Prej Bohumir Kryl
  • Orly Polskie Bohumir Kryl
  • Pochod z Prodane Nevesty Bohumir Kryl


  • Pecheurs de perles - Au fond du temple saint, Act 1 / Pique dame - O viens mon doux berger Edmond Clement & Marcel Journet

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