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1914 in music:


  • Castle's Lame Duck Europe's Society Orchestra
  • The Post in the Forest Gustav F. Heim
  • Castle Walk Europe's Society Orchestra
  • Chinese Patrol Alfred Cammeyer and Olly Oakley
  • Too Much Mustard Europe's Society Orchestra
  • I Parted My Hair in the Middle George Formby Snr.
  • The Memphis Blues Victor Military Band
  • Little Grey Home in the West Alma Gluck
  • I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier Peerless Quartet
  • On the Old Front Porch Ada Jones and Billy Murray
  • Aldahre Kataâ Awsali Munira Al-Mahdiyya
  • Lullaby From Jocelyn John McCormack
  • Colonel Bogey March The Black Diamonds Band
  • A Little Love, A Little Kiss John McCormack
  • Humpty Dumpty Rag New York Military Band
  • From Soup to Nuts Fred Van Eps
  • Stabat Mater - Inflammatus Gustav F. Heim
  • Toreador Song Alan Turner
  • You Need a Rag Premier Quartet
  • It's a long way to Tipperary Stanley Kirkby
  • Zeleny Hajove Bohumir Kryl
  • Pepper Pot National Promenade Band
  • The Junk Man Rag Fred Van Eps
  • Crazy Bone Rag/While They Were Dancing Around U.S. Marine Band/Victor Military Band
  • Good Bye, Sweet Day Janet Spencer
  • On the Honeymoon Express Victor Military Band
  • Etude in F Minor (Liszt) Ignacy Jan Paderewski
  • O Canada Henry Burr
  • Thanks for the Lobster Fred Van Eps
  • Peg O' My Heart Medley National Promenade Band
  • Romance Waltz- Hesitation Vessella's Band
  • They Start the Victrola (And Go Dancing Around the Floor)/What a Wonderful Love That Would Be Billy Murray /Ada Jones
  • Notoriety Rag Van Eps Trio
  • The Jewels of the Madonna (No. 1) / The Jewels of the Madonna (No.2) Prince's Orchestra
  • I'm on My Way to Mandalay Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • The Battle Eve Vernon Archibald and Royal Fish
  • Comin' Thro' the Rye Alma Gluck
  • Why is the Ocean So Near the Shore Ada Jones
  • The Battle That Wasn't Jolly Jesters
  • Gippsland March National Promenade Band
  • Ballin' the Jack National Promenade Band
  • Sympathy Charles Adams Prince
  • The Nightingale Henry Heidelberg
  • A Perfect Day Metropolitan Quartet
  • He'd Have to Get Under - Get Out and Get Under/Wilhelm, the Grocer Billy Murray/Ada Jones
  • It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary Charles Adams Prince
  • Southern Zephyrs/Warbler's Farewell Charles Adams Prince/Stehl, Lufsky and Schuetze
  • At the Mermaids' Fancy Ball Billy Murray
  • The Rosary Pale K. Lua
  • Pure as Snow Venetian Instrumental Quartet
  • Queen of the Movies Medley National Promenade Band
  • All Aboard for Dixie/High Jinks Ada Jones/Charles Harrison
  • It's Nice to Get Up in the Mornin' But It's Nicer to Lie in Bed! Harry Lauder
  • Italian Favorites/Azalea Waltz Pietro Deiro/Dr. Clarence Penney
  • Old Comrades March/It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary Columbia Band/Stanley Kirkby
  • I'm On My Way to Mandalay Campbell and Gilette
  • The Pussy Cat Rag Ada Jones & Peerless Orchestra
  • Favorite Airs from "The Pirates of Penzance" Edison Light Opera Company
  • In the Garden Ada Jones and George Ballard
  • The Pussy Cat Rag Ada Jones and Peerless Quartet
  • Old Folks at Home Margaret Keyes
  • Washington's Farewell Address Harry E. Humphrey
  • Dost Thou Know That Sweet Land Marie Morrisey
  • Whistling Pete Billy Golden and Joe Hughes
  • La Muerte Del Bardo Venetian Trio


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