1915 in music


  • Listen to the Mocking Bird Alma Gluck
  • Down Home Rag/Dance of the Bugs Six Brown Brothers/Fred Van Eps
  • La Tosca Enrico Caruso
  • Serenade/Cohen Telephones From Brighton Prince's Orchestra/Joe Hayman & Company
  • The Little Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray
  • On Wisconsin Charles Adams Prince
  • Revival Day Al Jolson
  • Mauryeen nea gìbbìrland Frank Brewe
  • Ragtime Temple Bells/Goodbye Girls I'm Through Billy Murray/Raymond Dixon
  • One Sweetly Solemn Thought Alma Gluck & Louise Homer
  • Hello, Hawaii, How Are You? Arthur Collins
  • I'm Neutral Bert Williams
  • Moonlight on the Lake Knickerbocker Quartette
  • Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers/When Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies Al Jolson/Eddie Cantor
  • On the 5:15 Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan
  • Old Folks Rag Fred Van Eps
  • The Original Foxtrot/That Moaning Saxophone Rag Fred Van Eps/Six Brown Brothers
  • Old Folks at Home Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist
  • Flirting Whistler Conway's Band
  • March Faugaballagh Pipe Major J. Starck
  • Down in Bom Bombay Guido Deiro
  • Some Baby Fred Van Eps
  • La Paloma Prince's Orchestra
  • The Kiss Mary Carson
  • Memphis Blues Morton Harvey
  • It's a long way to Tipperary Albert Farrington
  • Purpostus Bert Williams
  • Last Waltz Sisty and Seitz's Banjo Orchestra
  • Independentia Six Brown Brothers
  • Floating Down the Old Green River Sam Ash
  • Paprika: Lu Lu Fado National Promenade Band
  • The Insect Powder Agent Billy Golden and James Marlowe
  • Music Box Rag Emerson Military Band
  • War Talk at Pun'kin Centre Cal Stewart
  • When I Leave the World Behind Sam Ash
  • A Flower of Italy Isidore Moskowitz
  • They All Did the Goose-Step Home Irving Kaufman
  • Honolulu Rag Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili
  • The Violin My Great Grand-Daddy Made George Wilton Ballard
  • Alexander's Ragtime Band Harry Fay
  • Oh, How That Woman Could Cook Maurice Burkhart
  • Scotch Bagpipe Medley No. 1 / Scotch Bagpipe Medley No. 2 Lovat Bagpipe Band of New York
  • Kathleen Mavourneen Thomas Chalmers
  • It's Tulip Time in Holland Arthur C. Lichty
  • When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose Walter Van Brunt
  • Lift Up Your Heads Columbia Mixed Quartette
  • The Relic Hunters Billy Golden and James Marlowe
  • Reve ta Ctohne Palamak Quartet
  • Lux Aeterna/In paradisum Choir of the Monks of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martin, Beuron
  • At the Yiddish Wedding Jubilee Maurice Burkhart
  • If You Can't Get a Girl in the Summer-Time Ada Jones and Will Robbins
  • Aida Arthur Grüber
  • The Music Box Rag Jaudas' Society Orchestra
  • The Star-Spangled Banner Margaret Woodrow Wilson


  • Súplica Abigail Maia

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