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1916 in music


  • Maple Leaf Rag [piano roll] Scott Joplin
  • ' O sole mio (My Sunshine) Enrico Caruso
  • Walkin' the Dog Six Brown Brothers
  • Down Home Rag The Versatile Four
  • St. Louis Blues Charles Adams Prince
  • I Ain't Got Nobody Much/Way Out Yonder in the Golden West Marion Harris/Avon Comedy Four
  • Nightingale Song Alma Gluck
  • Pleasant Moments [piano roll] Scott Joplin
  • Magnetic Rag [piano roll] Scott Joplin
  • I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy George M. Cohan
  • Pussyfoot March Six Brown Brothers
  • Hesitation Blues Victor Military Band
  • Chinese Blues/Auf Wiedersehn Sousa's Band/Victor Orchestra
  • I'se Gwine Back to Dixie Alma Gluck
  • Hesitating Blues Arthur Collins
  • Angels Ever Bright and Fair Alma Gluck
  • Ragging the Scale/Eldorado March Fred Van Eps/William H. Reitz
  • Something Doing [piano roll] Scott Joplin
  • My Old Kentucky Home Alma Gluck
  • Pretty Baby Billy Murray
  • The Sunshine of Your Smile John McCormack
  • Weeping Willow Rag [piano roll] Scott Joplin
  • I Sent My Wife to The Thousand Isles Al Jolson
  • Chin Chin- Medley/Laverne Waltz Caprice Six Brown Brothers/Conway's Band
  • Somewhere a Voice Is Calling John McCormack
  • The Old Refrain John McCormack
  • Pretty Baby Gladys Rice
  • The Memphis Blues National Promenade Band
  • O Cumbuco e o Balaio Abigail Maia
  • Sing Me to Sleep Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist
  • Some Little Bug Is Going to Find You Roy Atwell
  • Medley of Hawaiian Airs No.2 /On the Beach Medley Louise and Ferreira/Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
  • M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means the World to Me) Henry Burr
  • Pretty Baby/Give Me All of You The Orpheus Quartet/Alice Green and Edward Hamilton
  • Kangaroo Hop Lou Chiha Frisco
  • Foolish Questions Ada Reeve
  • There's a Bit of Bad in Every Good Girl/I'm Gonna Make Hay While the Sun Shines in Virginia Billy Murray/Marion Harris
  • The Fool of the Force - Part 1 / The Fool of the Force - Part 2 George Carney
  • Hezekiah National Promenade Band
  • You're a Dangerous Girl Helen Clark and Joseph Phillips
  • Bonnie Maggie Tamson Harry Lauder
  • Kangaroo Hop Vess Ossman
  • American Jubilee (A Patriotic Rag) Conway's Band
  • Omena- Intermezzo Fred Van Eps
  • Walkin' the Dog National Promenade Band
  • Cohen at the Telephone Barney Bernard
  • Here Comes the Groom Raymond Hitchcock
  • Spanish Rhapsody Athenian Mandolin Quartet
  • America I Love You Sam Ash
  • Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag Stanley Kirkby
  • My Hawaiian Sunshine Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • Hello, Hawaii, How Are You? Nora Bayes
  • Carmen - Habanera Emma Calvé
  • Yaska, Hoola, Hickey, Doola/You Can't Live With 'Em or Without 'Em Al Jolson/Anna Chandler
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me Arthur Pryor
  • The Lambs March Sousa's Band
  • Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night Al Jolson
  • The Blue Bells of Scotlande/The Bird and the Brook Jules Levy Jr./Joseph Belmont
  • You'll Always Be the Same Sweet Baby Vess Ossman
  • The Star-Spangled Banner Charles Adams Prince
  • Barchetta Charles Adams Prince
  • Napolean's Last Charge Charles Adams Prince
  • I Love a Piano Billy Murray
  • Summer Days Mlle. Delysia
  • Spring Song Charles Crawford Gorst
  • Mother Machree Walter Van Brunt
  • Rackety Coo/I Gave My Heart to Someone in Dixie Land Sam Ash/Peerless Quartet
  • Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars Maurice Burkhart
  • Hello, Hawaii, How Are You? Billy Murray
  • I Left Her on the Beach in Honolulu Walter Van Brunt
  • Molly and the Baby, Don't You Know (Prohibition Song) Homer Rodeheaver
  • Hilo March Frank Ferera
  • Souvenirs du jeune âge Éva Gauthier
  • Waltz Orchid Vecsey and His Hungarian Orchestra
  • The Boy in the Bleachers Ralph Bingham
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever March Emerson Military Band
  • Good-Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You Will Oakland & Henry Burr
  • Underneath the Stars Jaudas' Society Orchestra
  • Chicken Walk/San Francisco Souvenir March Six Brown Brothers/Diero Petro
  • You're My Gal Al Bernard and Ernest Hare
  • Wee Bit O' Scotch Emerson Military Band



  • 4 January: Alf Hurums Violin Sonata No. 2
  • 13 March: Summer Frank Bridges
  • 29 March: Alf Hurums Eksotisk suite
  • 7 april: Natanael Berg's Symphony No. 2
  • 6 June: Hugo Alfvéns Sverges Scania
  • 17 June: Frank Bridges two old English songs for String Quartet
  • 26 september: Frank Bridges two old English songs for String Orchestra
  • 19 november: Johan Halvorsen: music for Les caprices de Marianne
  • 28 november: Kurt Atterbergs Symphony No. 3

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