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1917 in music:


  • Livery Stable Blues Original Dixieland 'Jass' Band
  • Darktown Strutters' Ball Original Dixieland Jass Band
  • Umbrellas to Mend Frisco "Jass" Band
  • Slippery Hank Earl Fuller
  • Symphony no. 5, op. 67, C minor, II Andante con Moto New York Philharmonic
  • Pelo Telephone Bahiano
  • Smiles and Chuckles Six Brown Brothers
  • Li'l' Liza Jane Earl Fuller
  • Johnson 'Jas' Blues Frisco "Jass" Band
  • That "Jazz" Dance (The Jazz Dance Everybody Is Crazy 'Bout) W. C. Handy
  • Paradise Blues Marion Harris
  • Yah-de-dah Frisco "Jass" Band
  • They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me Marion Harris
  • Moonlight Blues W. C. Handy
  • Pozzo Frisco "Jass" Band
  • Canary Cottage/Daly's Reel Frisco "Jass" Band/Fred Van Eps Orchestra
  • Down Home Rag/Chicken Walk Wilbur Sweatman/Emerson Symphony Orchestra
  • For Me and My Gal Van and Schenck
  • Beale Street Blues Earl Fuller
  • The Darktown Strutters' Ball/Razzberries Six Brown Brothers/Fred Van Eps Trio
  • Cute Little Wigglin' Dance Frisco "Jass" Band
  • Snaky Blues W. C. Handy
  • Everybody's Jazzin It Charles Adams Prince
  • For Me and My Gal Billy Murray
  • The Star-Spangled Banner John McCormack
  • The "Jass" One-Step Jaudas' Society Orchestra
  • Cleopatra Had a Jazz Band/Alexander's Got a Jazz Band Now Samuel Ash/Gene Greene
  • March Miniature Boston Symphony Orchestra/Muck
  • When I Hear That Jazz Band Play Marion Harris
  • You're a Grand Old Flag George M. Cohan
  • Chinese Blues Gene Greene
  • Darling Nellie Gray Peerless Quartet
  • Joan of Arc, They Are Calling You Vernon Dalhart
  • Have a Heart Jerome Kern
  • Alouette Éva Gauthier
  • My Waikiki Mermaid Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
  • Joe Turner Blues Wilbur Sweatman
  • Goodbye Broadway, Hello France Arthur Fields
  • Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo American Quartet
  • Laughing Song - (Bourbonnaise) Amelita Galli-Curci
  • Saxophone Sam Six Brown Brothers
  • There's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl Gladys Rice
  • Omena Intermezzo Fred Van Eps
  • Stars and Stripes Forever Arthur Pryor
  • Blue Goose Rag Saxophone Sextett
  • Huckleberry Finn Van and Schenck
  • Rigoletto Quartet Six Brown Brothers
  • Daly's Reel Fred Van Eps
  • I Wonder Why/Meeting Time in Flatbush Marion Harris - Billy Murray / Ada Jones
  • Carnival of Venice Pietro Frosini
  • March of the Toys American Symphony Orchestra
  • Smile and Show Your Dimple Sam Ash
  • Smoke Clouds Herbert Payne
  • Aloha Sunset Land/ My Sweet Sweeting Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra/Louise and Ferreira
  • American National Airs Pietro Deiro
  • Silver Threads Among the Gold Ferdinand Himmelreich
  • Hooking Cow Blues W. C. Handy
  • The Tickle Toe Charles Adams Prince
  • A Wondrous Rose Helen Clark
  • Just as the Sun Went Down/Break the News to Mother Peerless Quartet/Columbia Stellar Quartet
  • Musette Victor Concert Orchestra
  • Jazzing Around Earl Fuller
  • Money Blues Jaudas' Society Orchestra
  • Buzzin' the Bee Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan
  • That Girl of Mine Various Artists
  • Clicquot Mlle. Delysia
  • Habanera (Come Laugh at Love) Alice Delysia
  • Arkansaw Traveler Victor Band
  • Breezes of the Night American Republic Band
  • That's It American Republic Band
  • Faust Waltz/Marsovia Waltzes Peerless Orchestra/American Symphony Orchestra
  • Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl (And Leave the Rest to Me) Sam Ash
  • I'm Crazy Over Every Girl in France/We're Going Over Avon Comedy Four/Peerless Quartet
  • Goldstein Behind the Bars Ralph Bingham
  • So Long Mother Columbia Quartet
  • The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls Henry Burr
  • La Czarina Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • Don't Leave Me Daddy Harold Veo Orchestra
  • Lo, Here the Gentle Lark! Olive Kline
  • Polly Wolly Doodle Harry C. Browne
  • Ninijso Helen Louise & Frank Ferera
  • Ah! Qui me passera le bois? Éva Gauthier
  • Chanson triste Éva Gauthier
  • Come on Over Here, It's a Wonderful Place Ada Jones
  • The Wedding of the Irish and the Scotch Tenor [ Emerson Records ]
  • Shadowland Banjo Wallace
  • Along the Way to Waikiki Helen Louise & Frank Ferera
  • They May Call You Hawaiian on Broadway George O'Connor
  • The Old Town Pump W. C. Handy
  • Oh, Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! American Quartet
  • Over There Peerless Quartet
  • Over There American Quartet
  • Over There Billy Murray
  • D'où viens-tu, bergère? Éva Gauthier
  • Viens avec nous, petit Éva Gauthier
  • Razzazaa Mazzazza Emerson Military Band
  • My Little Rambling Rose/I May Be Gone for a Long, Long Time Jack Warner/Harry Evans
  • Cohen Calls His Tailor on the Phone Joe Hayman
  • Hawaiian Butterfly/When the Sun Goes Down in Dixie (And the Moon Begins to Rise) Sterling Trio/Peerless Quartet
  • All I Need Is Just a Girl Like You Frisco "Jass" Band

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