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1918 in music


  • Skeleton Jangle Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Clarinet Marmalade Blues Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Tiger Rag Original Dixieland Jass Band
  • At the Jass Band Ball Original Dixieland Jass Band
  • Bluin' the Blues Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • After you've Gone/ I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry Marion Harris/Henry Burr
  • Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody/Alice I'm in Wonderland Al Jolson/Sterling Trio
  • The Jazz Dance/Jazzin' Around Blake's Jazzone Orchestra/Morse and Frankel
  • Bring My Bonnie Back to Me Alma Gluck
  • At the Jazz Band Ball Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Jazzbo Jazz Earl Fuller
  • Hungarian Rag - One Step Eubie Blake
  • The Last Long Mile/K-K-K-Katy Charles Hart/Billy Murray
  • The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane Alma Gluck
  • Madelon Amparito Farrar
  • Look at 'Em Doing It Now Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Everyone's Gone Crazy 'Bout the Dog-gone Blues But I'm Happy/In the Land of Yamo Yamo Marion Harris/Van and Schenck
  • The Arrival of the British Troops in France A. H. Brooks and H. C. Ridout
  • Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting Bert Williams
  • Love's Garden of Roses John McCormack
  • La Partida Enrico Caruso
  • Graveyard Blues Earl Fuller
  • The Darktown Strutters' Ball Wilbur Sweatman
  • There's a Lump of Sugar Down in Dixieland / Story Book Ball Marion Harris / Billy Murray
  • Tishomingo Blues Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra
  • The St. Louis Blues Al Bernard
  • Oh Lady Lady! Jerome Kern
  • Change Your Name Malinda Lee Al Bernard and Ernest Hare
  • My Barney Lies Over the Ocean Nora Bayes
  • Indianola Billy Murray
  • Oriental Earl Fuller
  • Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues (But I'm Happy) Wilbur Sweatman
  • Has Anybody Seen My Corinne? Wilbur Sweatman
  • A Baby's Prayer at Twilight Henry Burr
  • Oh! Lady, Lady Fred Van Eps
  • We're All Going Calling on the Kaiser Arthur Fields
  • Jazzie Addie Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra
  • The Darktown Strutter's Ball Premier Quartet
  • When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band to France/I'm Gonna Pin My Medal on the Girl I Left Behind Marion Harris/Peerless Quartet
  • Till We Meet Again Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • On the Road to Calais/It's Never Too Late to Be Sorry Al Jolson/Sterling Trio
  • Tishomingo Blues Eddie Nelson
  • I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Charles Harrison
  • Smiles Joseph C. Smith
  • Elisir d'amore (Una furtiva lagrima) Alessandro Bonci
  • General Pershing March American Regimental Band
  • When I Send You a Picture of Berlin Arthur Fields
  • The Last Long Mile Billy Murray
  • Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land Al Jolson
  • Melody Land Thomas Chalmers
  • The Volunteers March New York Military Band
  • Smiles Various Artists
  • Waiting Charles Harrison
  • Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody Wilbur Sweatman
  • Dixieland Memories No.2 Orpheus Male Chorus
  • Indianola Wilbur Sweatman
  • Hunting the Hun Arthur Fields
  • Mary Joseph C. Smith
  • The Rainbow Girl Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra
  • Dallas Blues Joe Murray
  • The Garden of Allah Vernon Dalhart
  • Flor de thé Consuelo Mayendía
  • There's a Lump of Sugar Down in Dixie/You Can Find a Little Dixie No Matter Where You Go Al Jolson/Al Campbell and Henry Burr
  • Good-Bye Alexander (Good-Bye Honey Boy) Marion Harris
  • Tout doucement Félix Mayol
  • Oh! What a Girl/You Know What I Mean Sam Ash/Irving Kaufman
  • National Emblem March/"Lights Out" March United States Marine Band/Arthur Pryor's Band
  • Belgian Rose/My Daddy's Star Campbell and Burr/Robert Lewis
  • In the Land O Yamo Yamo Van and Schenck
  • K-K-K-Katy Arthur Fields
  • Second Regiment Conneticut National Guard March American Regimental Band
  • I Hear You Calling Me/Bedouin Love Song Frank Woods/Wilfred Glenn
  • Tears Emerson Xylo-Phiends
  • Smiles Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • I'm All Bound 'Round With the Mason Dixon Line Al Jolson
  • Over There Enrico Caruso
  • They'll Be Mighty Proud in Dixie of Their Old Joe Black Albert Campbell and Henry Burr
  • Till We Meet Again Charles Hart and Lewis James
  • Maybe Some Day You'll Remember/Golden Gate Henry Burr/Charles Hart and Elliot Shaw
  • Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware/Bring Back My Soldier Boy to Me Dave Bud Bernie/Frank Woods
  • When the Yanks Coming Marching Home Edward Levy
  • I Wanna Go Back Irving and Jack Kaufman
  • You Keep Sending 'Em Over (And We'll Keep Knocking 'Em Down)/Smiles Eddie Nelson/George Beaver
  • Light Your Little Lamp of Love for Me/A Little Birch Canoe and You Campbell and Burr/Sterling Trio
  • Rufina la peinadora Consuelo Mayendía
  • That's All One Mother Can Do/Tom, Dick and Harry and Jack Robert Rice/Bud Bernie
  • The Beast of Berlin Arthur Hall
  • Kiss Me Again Waltz Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
  • When the Boys Come Home/The Trumpeter Henry Burr/Charles Hart
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find Louisiana Five
  • La glu Yvette Guilbert


  • Gabriel Fauré composed Fantaisie G gr. t. Opus 111
  • Giacomo Puccini Il trittico opera writes


  • 21 February: Easter hymn by Frank Bridge (vocals, piano; choral version only appeared in 1930)
  • 28 February: Am Spinett Christian Sinding 's
  • 31 March: final version of Symphony No. 7 by Asger Hamerik
  • 25 april: Three Paganinicapriccio's by Karol Szymanowski
  • 18 september: Songs of Alf Hurum
  • 16 October: Lento by Frank Bridge
  • 26 October: Blow out, you bugles of Frank Bridge
  • 30 October: Come to me in my dreams, Adoration, Mantle or blue, Where she lies asleep, So early in the morning, O by Frank Bridge
  • 21 november: Mélodie in c-sharp minor by Frank Bridge

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