Music in 1922

Singles Edit

Sallie Gooden Eck Robertson

Give Me That Old Slow Drag Trixie Smith

Society Blues Kid Ory

Yellow Dog Blues W. C. Handy

Keep Off the Grass James P. Johnson

Desperate Blues Trixie Smith

He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Sometimes) Lucille Hegamin

Concerto No. 5 for Piano and Orchestra Op. 73-Part 7 Frederic Lamond, Royal Albert Hall Orchestra, Eugene Goossens

Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goo'bye)/True Blue Sam Al Jolson/Frank Crumit

Down Hearted Blues Alberta Hunter

He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Sometimes) Trixie Smith

That Da Da Strain Ethel Waters

I Want a Jazzy Kiss Mamie Smith

Tiger Rag Ethel Waters' Jazz Masters

My Man (From Ziegfeld Follies of 1921) Fanny Brice

Jazzin' Babies Blues Ethel Waters

Bow Wow Blues (My Mama Treats Me Like a Dog)/Railroad Blues Original Dixieland Jazz Band/The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Stumbling Paul Whiteman Orchestra

I'm Going Away Just to Wear You Off My Mind Alberta Hunter

Beale Street Mama Lucille Hegamin

Don't Pan Me Alberta Hunter

Three O'Clock in the Morning Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Royal Garden Blues Ethel Waters

Lonesome Mama Blues Mamie Smith

Bugle Call Blues Ethel Waters

Dying With the Blues Ethel Waters

Away Down South Peerless Quartet

Hot Lips (He's Got Hot Lips When He Plays Jazz)/Send Back My Honey Man Paul Whiteman Orchestra/Virginians

My Buddy/Down Old Virginia Way Henry Burr /Elsie Baker

That Da-Da Strain Mamie Smith

You Can't Have It All Alberta Hunter

Lonesome Monday Morning/Crazy Blues Alberta Hunter/Sissle and Blake

Dapper Dan Club Royal Orchestra

Sunshine Alley Ted Lewis

I Love Her – She Loves Me (I'm Her He – She's My She) Eddie Cantor

Got to Cool My Doggies Now Mamie Smith

Maybe Some Day Ruth Lee and Ory's Sunshine Orchestra

Rise and Shine Harrod's Jubilee Singers

Ji-Ji-Boo Original Memphis Five

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Broadway Strut Harry Reser / Original Six

Swanee River Moon/Do It Again! International Novelty Orchestra/Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

I've Got What It Takes but It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away Lucille Hegamin

Kitten on the Keys Carl Fenton's Orchestra

Wu da Wälder hamlich rauschen Anton Günther

Sweet Cookie Mamie Smith

Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean Gallagher and Shean

The Sneak!/Are You Playing Fair? Club Royal Orchestra/Zez Confrey

New Britain The Original Sacred Harp Choir

Don't Talk About Me Alberta Hunter

I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Angel Child Al Jolson/Columbians Dance Orchestra

I Don't Want Nodbody Blues Edith Wilson

Pack Up Your Sins Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Journey's End Paul Whiteman Orchestra

The Okeh Laughing Record Al H. Weston & Irene Young

Da Ufnbank Anton Günther

Dixie Medley Fred Van Eps

Struttin' at the Strutters Ball Original Memphis Five

Tee-Pee Blues Jan Garber

Chicago (That Toddling Town)/Early in the Morning Blues Paul Whiteman Orchestra /Virginians

My Mammy Knows The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Let's Agree to Disagree Mamie Smith

Krooked Blues Roberta Dudley and Ory's Sunshine Orchestra

I Ain't Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me Nora Bayes

Good Morning Nora Bayes

Muscle Shoals Blues Fats Waller

Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean/Oogieoogie Wa-Wa Billy Jones & Ernest Hare /Elsie Clark

Da Draakschenk Anton Günther

Coo-Coo/Stumbling Al Jolson/Frank Crumit

Aunt Hagar's Children Fletcher Henderson

School House Blues Bennie Krueger

On the 'Gin 'Gin 'Ginny Shore Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Sweet Daddy It's You I Love Essie Whitman

Send Back My Honeyman Ted Lewis

Hot Lips Marion Harris

Dance a Cachucha The Broadcast Chorus and Orchestra

Smilin'/Somewhere in Naples Green Bros. Mellorimba Orchestra/All Star Trio

My Honey's Lovin' Arms The California Ramblers

Hot Lips The Cotton Pickers

Sweet Indiana Home Aileen Stanley

Indiana Lullaby Billy Jones & Ernest Hare

Spread Yo' Stuff Ethel Waters' Jazz Masters

After a While Trio All Star

Bandana Days (Intro: Love Will Find a Way) James P. Johnson

Wabash Blues Mamie Smith

Dem Knock-Out Blues Mamie Smith

Mamie Smith Blues Mamie Smith

State Street Blues Lucille Hegamin

I've Got to Cool My Puppies Now Lucille Hegamin

You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him Blues Lucille Hegamin

He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Somtimes) Lucille Hegamin

I've Got the Wonder Where He Went (And When He's Coming Back Blues) Lucille Hegamin

Boo-Hoo-Hoo Aileen Stanley

Stumbling/Teasin' Joseph Samuels' Jazz Band/Lanin's Roseland Orchestra

Faust-Waltz from Kermesse Scene (Act 2) Pietro Deiro

Kindness Nora Bayes

Susie/Oh Is She Dumb Eddie Cantor

Until My Luck Comes Rolling Along Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Don't Bring Me Posies The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Bow Wow Blues The California Ramblers

Frankie Edith Wilson & Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds

He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Sometimes) Edith Wilson

Lovely Lucerne/Romany Love The Great White Way Orchestra/Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

Carolina in the Morning / Cow Bells Paul Whiteman Orchestra/Zez Confrey

Tricks Paul Whiteman Orchestra

My Rambler Rose Paul Whiteman Orchestra

It's Up to You Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Give Me My Mammy/While Miami Dreams Al Jolson/Billy Jones

Oh, How I Hate That Fellow Nathan Fanny Brice

Some Sunny Day/Rosy Posy Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra /Club Royal Orchestra

The Decatur Street Blues Mamie Smith's Jazz Hounds

The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

To-morrow (I'll Be in My Dixie Land Home Again) Ted Lewis

Toute petite Mistinguett

Macushla Charles Harrison

Panama New Orleans Rhythm Kings

Birdie Isham Jones

Moon River/Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses Green Brothers/Hackel-Bergè Orchestra

Poppies/ A Garden Dance Joe Roberts/Imperial Marimba Band

Red Moon The Serenaders

Malinda Brown Marion Harris

Old Fashioned Girl/Little Grey Sweetheart of Mine Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra/Club Royal Orchestra

Star of the North - Prayer and Barcarolle Amelita Galli-Curci

Struttin' at the Strutter's Ball Zez Confrey

Virginia Blues Van and Schenck

Take It Daddy It's All Yours Trixie Smith

You Missed a Good Women When You Picked All Over Me Trixie Smith

Stumbling Jack Hylton's Jazz Band

Dancing Time "Queen's" Dance Orchestra

Élèanore "Queen's" Dance Orchestra

Stumbling Billy Murray

Three O'Clock in the Morning Joseph C. Smith

Carolina Rolling Stone Vernon Dalhart

She's Mine All Mine Frank Crumit

Sweetheart Lane Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Dear Old Southland Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra

Wonderful One Vernon Dalhart

Canadian Capers Jimmy O'Keefe

The Sheik Sam Lanin

Song of Love Lucy Isabelle Marsh and Royal Dadmun

Three O'Clock in the Morning Specialty Orchestra

Why Should I Cry Over You? The Virginians

Jolly Coppersmith Walter Bowman Rogers

Mary, Dear (Some Day We Will Meet Again) Henry Burr

Mississippi Choo Choo Marion Harris

If You Wanna Keep Your Daddy Home Josie Miles

Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo'bye) The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Oh! Is She Dumb!/In My Home Town Arthur Fields/Billy Jones

Los dopados Osvaldo Fresedo

I'm Just Wild About Harry Vaughn De Leath

Chicago Ben Selvin

Leave Me With a Smile Carl Fenton's Orchestra

Smilin' Through Nathan Glantz Orchestra

Where Is the Man of My Dreams Ben Selvin

Doo Dah Blues Ray Miller

Call Me Back Pal o' Mine Henry Scott

I'm Just a Little Blue for You/I'm All Alone Hudson Pavilion Orchestra/Lt. Matt 106th Infantry Band

Silver Threads Among the Gold/Love's Dream Is Over Charles Harrison/Lewis James and Charles Hart

Song of the Volga Boatmen Feodor Chaliapin

Mala entraña Consuelo Mayendía

Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean Irving and Jack Kaufman

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise Isham Jones

Tomorrow Emil Coleman

Gen'l Boulanger March George Green

Homesick Carl Fenton's Orchestra

Georgette Eddie Davis

Lady of the Evening John Steel

A Bunch of Roses/Intermezzo George Green/Joseph Green

Three O'Clock in the Morning The Club de Vingt Orchestra

The Sheik of Araby Ray Miller

His Lullaby Henry Burr

Other eventsEdit

  • The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius composed Andante festivo
  • Franz Lehár Frühling, Frasquita and composes La danze della libellule


  • 17 February: Sverre Jordan 's Stop Huldamuziek and Johan Halvorsen can be heard in Oslo
  • 4 March: Symphony No. 2 by Albert Roussel is to hear for the first time
  • 29 april: the suitors of the Duchess of Natanael Berg
  • 17 October: Hubert Parry's An English Suite in London

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