Music in 1923

Singles Edit

Down Hearted Blues Bessie Smith

'Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do Bessie Smith

Baby Won't You Please Come Home Blues Bessie Smith

Froggie Moore King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

Dipper Mouth Blues King Oliver's Jazz Band

The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane Fiddlin' John Carson

Wolverine Blues (Joys) Jelly Roll Morton

Aggravatin' Papa Bessie Smith and Her Down Home Trio

Kansas City Man Blues Clarence Williams' Blue Five

Just Gone King Oliver

Jail-House Blues Bessie Smith

St. Louis Blues W. C. Handy

Snake Rag King Oliver

Weather Bird Rag King Oliver

Atlanta Blues Sara Martin

Bleeding Hearted Blues Bessie Smith

Ragtime Oriole Fred Van Eps

Krooked Blues King Oliver

Chirping the Blues Alberta Hunter

Lady-Luck Blues Bessie Smith

Mama's Got the Blues Bessie Smith

Sobbin' Blues King Oliver

Mandy Lee Blues King Oliver

Turkey in the Straw Eck Robertson

Cemetery Blues Bessie Smith

If You Don't I Know Who Will Bessie Smith

Guitar Blues Sylvester Weaver

London Blues Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band

Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time Bessie Smith

Swingin' Down the Lane Isham Jones Orchestra

Graveyard Dream Blues Ida Cox

Trixie Blues Anna Jones

Saint Louis Gal Lucille Hegamin

Graveyard Dream Blues Sara Martin

'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do Clarence Williams

Charleston Crazy Fletcher Henderson

Choo Choo Blues Herbert Brownfield

Papa's Billy Goat Fiddlin' John Carson

Big Fat Ham Jelly Roll Morton

It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Wendell Hall

Zulu's Ball King Oliver

St. Louis Gal Bessie Smith

Who's Sorry Now? Original Memphis Five

Yes! We Have No Bananas Billy Jones

Kansas City Stomp Jelly Roll Morton

I've Got the Blues for Rampart Street Ida Cox

You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mamma at All) Mamie Smith

Kansas City Man Blues Mamie Smith

Any Woman's Blues Ida Cox

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Underneath the Mellow Moon Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Waitin' for the Evenin' Mail Marion Harris

You Shall Reap Just What You Sow Alberta Hunter

Linger Awhile Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Memphis Man Ethel Waters

Maybe Someday Alberta Hunter

Tain't Nobody's Business Alberta Hunter

I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None o' This Jelly-Roll Mamie Smith

Yes! We Have No Bananas Ben Selvin

Experience Blues Alberta Hunter

Chicago Bound Blues Ida Cox

Some of These Days Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Chicago (That Toddling Town) The Georgians

Kind Loving Blues Clara Smith

Easy Melody Isham Jones

Chattanooga Stomp King Oliver

Oh! Daddy Blues Eva Taylor

Bambalina / Lady Butterfly Paul Whiteman Orchestra/Great Whiteway Orchestra

Carolina in the Morning Van and Schenck

No, No Nora/I've Got the Yes We Have No Bananas Blues Eddie Cantor

Down Hearted Blues Lucille Hegamin

Do Doodle Oom Fletcher Henderson

Sweet Smellin' Mama Lizzie Miles

Gulf Coast Blues Fletcher Henderson

Nobody in Town Can Bake a Jelly Roll Like Mine Sara Martin

Waitin' for the Evenin' Mail Clara Smith

I've Got Everything a Woman Needs Clara Smith

Some Early Morning Lucille Hegamin

Do It a Long Time Papa Maggie Jones

Buddy's Habit King Oliver

Runnin' Around With the Blues Sara Martin

'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans Paul Whiteman Orchestra

You Got Ev'ry Thing a Sweet Mama Needs but Me Sara Martin

Pickles / Yes! We Have No Bananas Original Memphis Five/Lanin Orchestra

Aggravatin' Papa Original Memphis Five

Stop Your Kidding Original Memphis Five

Aggravatin' Papa The Georgians

You’ve Got to See Mamma Ev’ry Night The Georgians

Old King Tut The Georgians

Farewell Blues The Georgians

Down Hearted Blues Fletcher Henderson

Sleep Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians

Bagpipe Selection—Part 1 / Bagpipe Selection—Part 2 Pipe Major Henry Forsyth

Henpecked Blues The Georgians

Beale Street Mamma Ted Lewis

I've Got a Song for Sale Original Memphis Five

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans The Georgians

Ida Cox's Lawdy, Lawdy Blues Ida Cox

Beale Street Mama Esther Bigeou

Sad 'n' Lonely Blues Edna Hicks

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/My Buddy Apex Syncopators/Markels Orchestra

You've Got to See Mama Every Night (Or You Can't See Mama at All) Vincent Lopez

Down Hearted Blues Eva Taylor

Achin' Hearted Blues Sara Martin

Joe Turner Blues Sara Martin

Last Go Round Blues Sara Martin

Mixing the Blues Clarence Williams

Yes! We Have No Bananas Bennie Krueger

Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses Willie Eckstein

Tin Roof Blues Harry Raderman

Turkey in the Straw/Way Down South Harry Reser/Fred Van Eps

The Gulf Coast Blues Esther Bigeou

Just a Girl that Men Forget Henry Burr

Buenos Aires Carlos Gardel

Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You) Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Daddy's Goin' Huntin' Tonight Nora Bayes

Marchéta Isham Jones

Down Hearted Blues Sissle and Blake

Gulf Coast Blues W. C. Handy

House of David Blues Original Memphis Five

Struttin' Jim / Wild Papa Original Memphis Five/Don Parker's Western Melody Boys

Your Mama's Going to Slow You Down Marion Harris

A New Slant On War Will Rogers

The Black Sheep Blues Harry Reser

Danno Budunge Hubert Rajapakse

Sundown Blues W. C. Handy

Last Night on the Back Porch Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Salut à Pesth Victor Arden-Phil Ohman

Bleeding Hearted Blues Alice Carter

Faded Love Letters Henry Burr

Moonlight Kisses The California Ramblers

Roamin' to Wyomin' The California Ramblers

Down Hearted Blues Noble Sissle

Stella/Bebe Al Jolson/Billy Jones

Elephant Wobble Bennie Moten

Sighin' Around With the Blues Mamie Smith

Good Looking Papa Mamie Smith

Uncle Sam Blues Clara Smith

Waiting for the Evening Mail (Sitting on the Inside Looking Outside) Lucille Hegamin

Bleeding Hearted Blues Lucille Hegamin

Loveless Love Alberta Hunter

You Can Take My Man But You Can't Keep Him Long Alberta Hunter

Michigan Water Blues Alberta Hunter

Stingaree Blues Alberta Hunter

Chattanooga Man Lucille Hegamin

Don't Never Tell Nobody What Your Good Man Did Maggie Jones

I Never Miss the Sunshine Clara Smith

Irresistible Blues Clara Smith

Bama Bound Blues Ida Cox

Play It (Do It a Long Time Papa) Clara Smith

Cold Cold Winter Blues Lucille Hegamin

The Pawn Shop Blues Lucille Bogan

Triflin' Blues Trixie Smith

Graveyard Dream Blues/Come Right In Ida Cox with Lovie Austin/Ida Cox

Come Home Papa Blues Sara Martin

Bleeding Hearted Blues James P. Johnson

The Hesitating Blues/Leave My Sweet Daddy Alone Esther Bigeou / Sara Martin

Slow Down Sweet Papa Sara Martin

Medley of Old Time Songs The Troubadours

Everything is K.O. in K-Y Frank Crumit

Midnight Rose Lyman's California Ambassador Orchestra

I Ain't Gonna Marry Ethel Waters

You Can't Do What My Last Man Did Ethel Waters

Barnyard Blues (Livery Stable Blues) Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Sittin' in a Corner Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Barefoot Blues Eva Taylor

My Pillow and Me Eva Taylor

I'm Gonna See You When You Come Eva Taylor

Church Street Sobbing Blues Eva Taylor

Original Charleston Strut Eva Taylor

When All the Saints Come Marching In The Paramount Jubilee Singers

Mamma Loves Papa (Papa Loves Mamma) Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Aggravatin' Papa / Mean Eyes Esther Bigeou/Kitty Brown

Cruel Back Biting Blues Sara Martin

In a Covered Wagon With You The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Memphis Glide / Yes! We Have No Bananas Original Memphis Five / Golden Gate Orchestra

Lonesome and Blue The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland The Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Stack O'Barley John J. Kimmel

Brother Low Down Al Bernard

Pay Day Blues Harry Raderman

If You Don't Give Me What I Want Rosa Henderson

An Orange Grove in California Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Saw Mill River Road Isham Jones

Blue Hoosier Blues Isham Jones

Lonesome Mama Blues Fred Van Eps

Haitian Blues Lizzie Miles

Rain Crow Bill Blues Henry Whitter

The Rocks of Bawn Frank Quinn

Old Fashioned Love/Open Your Heart Eva Taylor/Eva Taylor and Lawrence Lomax

Two-Time Dan Marion Harris

Lovey Come Back Marion Harris

Seven and Eleven Blues Jack Hylton and His Orchestra

My Sweetie Went Away "Queen's" Dance Orchestra

Rose of the Rio Grande Ambrose and His Embassy Club Orchestra

Là-Haut: Couplets de "Là-Haut " Maurice Chevalier

Là-Haut: C'est Paris Maurice Chevalier

St. Louis Gal Original Memphis Five

A Kiss in the Dark Amelita Galli-Curci

The Whichness of the Whatness Fred & Adele Astaire

China Boy Go Sleep Ambrose and His Embassy Club Orchestra

Mean Man Mamie Smith

Tin Roof Blues New Orleans Rhythm Kings

Concert Fantasie/Country Gardens Huston Ray/Alta Hill

At Dawning/Rose, My Rose Edith Gaile/William Bonner

Là-Haut: Duo des inséparables/Parce que Maurice Chevalier/Mary Malbos

Stack O'Lee Blues - Fox Trot Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians

Oh! Susanna Arthur Fields

I Love You/The Life of a Rose Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra/Charles Dornberger and His Orchestra

Raggedy Ann Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Stealing to Virginia Isham Jones

You Darling You The California Ramblers

Aunt Hagar's Children's Blues Isham Jones

Counterfeit Bill Margaret Young

Plain Old Blues Mamie Smith

You Can Have My Man If He Comes to See You Too Alberta Hunter

I'm a Syncopatin' Mama Lucille Hegamin

Wet Yo' Thumb Lucille Hegamin

He Loves It Eddie Cantor

To-morrow (I'll Be in My Dixie Home Again) Nora Bayes

Who Did You Fool After All? Nora Bayes

You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him Van and Schenck

Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly, I'm in Love Eddie Cantor

Log Cabin Blues Trixie Smith

2 A.M. Blues Trixie Smith

Come On Home Alberta Hunter

Oh! Star of Eve (If Winter Comes) Jack Hylton and His Orchestra

I Ain't Nobody's Darling Jack Hylton and His Orchestra

Dreamy Melody Art Landry & His Call of the North Orchestra

You've Gotta See Mama Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mama At All) Sophie Tucker

Louisville Lou, the Vampin' Lady Arthur Gibbs & Gang

I Cried for You / Tell Me a Story Bennie Krueger / Carl Fenton's Orchestra

Love Tales Gene Rodemich

Last Night on the Back Porch (I Loved Her Best of All) / The Band Plays Home Sweet Home Varsity Eight / Bob Haring's Velvetone Orchestra

Carry Me Back to My Carolina Home Melody Dance Players

Yes! We Have No Bananas Furman and Nash

Stumbling Broadway Dance Orchestra

Love Is Just Like a Flower Ben Selvin

Mean Mean Mama Original Indiana Five

Carolina in the Morning Marion Harris

Wolverine Blues New Orleans Rhythm Kings

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi / Indiana Moon Original Pennsylvania Serenaders / The Troubadours

I Ain't Nobody's Darling Byron G. Harlan

Rememb'ring The Duncan Sisters

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate The Virginians

That Old Gang of Mine Billy Murray & Ed. Smalle

Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses John McCormack

That Old Gang of Mine Lewis James

Bonnie/Match of the Mannikins The Manhattan Merrymakers/Benson Orchestra of Chicago

Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm in Love/Oh! Min Rega Dance Orchestra/The Yellow Jackets

Mama Loves Papa, Papa Loves Mama/Land of Cotton Blues Finzel's Arcadia Orchestra of Detroit/Guyon's Paradise Orchestra

Carolina Mammy/I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland Markel's Orchestra/Blue Diamond Dance Orchestra

Dreaming Alone Vernon-Owens Hotel Winston Orchestra

Seven or Eleven Dolly Kay

The Girl of the Olden West Henry Burr

The Tavern Song Malcolm McEachern

Old Fashioned Love Clarence Williams

Morning Will Come/When Will Sun Shine for Me Al Jolson/Hart and Shaw

Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses Carl Fenton's Orchestra

Pack Up Your Sins Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Sittin' in a Corner / Last Night on the Back Porch Harry Blake/Harry Blake and Robert Judson

Pal of My Dreams Lewis James

River Shannon Moon Gerald Griffin


  • The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius composes his Symphony No. 6, op. 104
  • 6 January: first performance of the Symphony No. 5 by the Swedish composer Kurt Atterberg
  • 29 april: first performance of the Symphony No. 1 by Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen
  • 2 June: first performance of Roussel: Padmâvatî by Albert Roussel
  • 19 september: first performance of A song before sunrise by the British composer Frederick Delius
  • 20 september: first performance of Kong Lear-Overture by Oscar Morcman (Bergen, Norway)
  • 20 October: first performance of his Dance Rhapsody No. 2

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