Artist: Porcupine Tree

Date Released: January, 1994

Label: Delerium

Produced By: Steven Wilson


  1. Mute (8:04)
  2. Landscare (2:58)
  3. Prayer (1:38)
  4. Daughters In Exile (6:34)
  5. Delightful Suicide (1:06)
  6. Split Image (1:50)
  7. No Reason To Live, No Reason To Die (11:07)
  8. Wastecoat (1:10)
  9. Towel (3:37)
  10. Execution Of The Will Of Marquis De Sade (5:08)
  11. Track Eleven (3:00)
  12. Radioactive Toy (5:58)
  13. An Empty Box (3:12)
  14. The Cross / Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (20:44)
  15. Music For The Head (1:22)


One of the rarest Porcupine Tree releases as only a mere 2000 were pressed back in 1994, which as you'd imagine sold out almost instantly. The album features a selection of early recordings from the original Porcupine Tree tapes which were not included on the On the Sunday of Life... album. These recordings were deemed not good enough to go on the debut album, and many people have slated this early 'compilation' as being too primitive, very lacklustre and poor.

In point of fact, On The Sunday Of Life is just as much a compilation as this release and quite why the every growing fan base hasn't taken to YHD I will never know. Not only does it far surpass the debut release, it surpasses the next Up The Downstair release too. Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape is an awesome collection of highly experimental industrial tracks which even includes an early version of the cult Radioactive Toy. Most of the tracks have a much darker and more cutting edge feel to them, and one of the best demonstrations of this is the warped An Empty Box. This track starts off with a short and electronically distorted interview before breaking out with heavy guitars before ending on a dark and more melodic note.

This is the only place you will find Porcupine Tree's version of Prince's The Cross as it was even omitted from the vinyl edition of YHD a few years back. On numerous occasions Steven Wilson has said that he has no plans to issue this album on CD again, which is a great shame. Re-releasing some of these rare EPs and collectable releases I’m should would be more appreciated than constant re-releases of albums.

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