Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Yesterdays New Quintet is a jazz-based moniker for the man of a million names, Otis Jackson Jr., better known as Madlib. The side-project for the rap oriented Madlib started in 2001 during experimentation in Stone Throw's famed Bomb Shelter studio in the basement of producer Peanut Butter Wolf's home. Endless hours were spent recording live instrumentation by Jackson, mainly electronic keyboards, drums, vibes and bass, then sampled and restructured. The resulting music is a laid back blend of jazz, funk and hip-hop that easily appeals to fans of all three genres. The group is made up of four ficticious characters, Monk Hughes, Ahmad Miller, Malik Flavors and Joe McDuphrey, all of which have releases under their names.

The first full-length, 2001's Angles Without Edges, set the bar, establishing the vibe of smoke-filled late night jazz clubs with an unassuming house band providing music for no one in particular. 2002's official follow-up, Stevie, kept the mood, highlighting the unparalleled keyboard work of Stevie Wonder with cuts mostly from Innervisions, Songs in the Key of Life and Fullfillingness. The next album was a tribute as well, this time to the late jazz-funk pioneer Weldon Irvine under the moniker Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm. This time the music was much more in-your-face; Tribute to Weldon is an hour and 20 minutes of unceasing and raucous jazz and funk that does justice to the phrase, "wall of sound."

There has been no new of a new album in 2006 under any of the YNQ moniker's, though Madlib has many other projects on deck.





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