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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: So, Deej's doing another mix CD exchange (see And A Bumper Sticker That Says "No Other Possibility" for my entry to the last one and The Ballad Of Rev. Syung Myung Me for the one I done got from that one). The theme for this one was Halloween. I took a little bit of a different tack with this one; instead of doing straight Halloween-type songs, I went for the creepy and at-least-vaguely-unsettling. I also had been given a free pass to be as avant/noisy as I wanted to. Which, I dunno if I really took it up to the fullest extent, but hey. It's still got a lot of cool stuff, some of which is pretty creepy. So, here it is! Hooray!


  1. King Missile - The Commercial
  2. Frank Chickens - Waiting For A Dog
  3. Björk - Pagan Poetry
  4. Renaldo & the Loaf - A Street Called Straight
  5. Barnes & Barnes - Where's The Water
  6. Zoogz Rift - Island of Living Puke
  7. Half Japanese - Ball And Chain
  8. The Residents - Satisfaction
  9. Negativland - We Are Driven
  10. Jandek - Part One
  11. The Flying Lizards - The Window
  12. Frank Zappa - Bamboozled By Love
  13. Blanche - Jack On Fire
  14. Coil - Tainted Love
  15. The Minus 5 - Disaster Nurse Fang
  16. Bonzo Dog Band - Slush

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